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How much damage have i done

OK so today we went for a family day out today.. Shopping.. Santa.. Etc and we ended up going for something to eat, I had a cesar salad but also that the bacon, dressing and croutons it came with :-( I'm not beating myself up as it was my choice to do this, I'm nearly at the end of my journey and only have 5lbs to go until I'm 1stone above a BMI of 25 so my CDC seems to think I'm nearly finished, but I was just wondering what kinda damage I'm looking at?
Thanks :) x
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Depends which plan your on hun? If ss, testes the risk you could have knocked yourself out of ketosis. Might retain a little bit extra water on the scales next couple of days but I'm sure no major damage!

Omg what is wrong with my auto correct! Testes is meant to say there's ha ha couldn't delete too funny, jeesh I'm immature!

If you just had the salad don't stress about it at all it's great that limited it to just that - I'd say you would gain water only if anything jus like s violet said x
I agree with the above, no harm done, x
You are going to have to go back to eating food again 'in real life' so a ceasar salad even with a bit of dressing is not bad I would think. What is bad is if you follow it up with a whole bagette, 1/2 a pound of butter a cheesecake and 3 glasses of wine :ashamed0005:
The only way I know I am going to succeed after I have reached goal with CD is to eat like thin people eat. REASONABLY :p
I am sure you will be fine!
Good luck ;)
Thats great - well done
Hi claudia just read your thread - see, you had nothing to worry about! When we 'cheat' a little, we all think we've put back on stupid amounts of weight but it's just us beating ourselves up. X
Romilly said:
Hi claudia just read your thread - see, you had nothing to worry about! When we 'cheat' a little, we all think we've put back on stupid amounts of weight but it's just us beating ourselves up. X
Thanks, u always do think that tho don't u, my husband says to me "if u don't eat for one day ur not gunna lose a stone... so ur not gunna gain a stone by eating" suppose he's right, good result today tho I'm really happy xx
He doesn't really have an opinion on it, at the start he said.. if u want to, go for it! He's been great, wouldn't eat in front of me to start with, started drinking green tea with me bless him, im 1lb off losing 6stone now and he's been wonderful.. Never said I should carry on and never told me its about time I stop, I really couldn't ask for more, he thinks I have amazing will power and can't believe iv done so well :)

I'm sure ur boyf will LOVE the new u, I think most men are weary as it seems so good to be true but it's hard and not everyone can do it, I think men focus more on the failure so they cushion the fall if we don't succeed, thanks just what I think tho xx
Oh WOWWEEE you've done so so well - what an inspiration! How long has it taken you to lose all that weight? I bet your appearance has completely changed!

I can't complain, the boyf is lovely to me, he always makes my packet shakes in the evenings and brings me water, ice etc. He does urge me to keep going which is great at the moment cos it's only day 13 but ask me again in a month lol xxx
Thanks great, my hubby is great but he's never made me a shake haha I'm jealous!

Just over 5months, mainly on ss, some ss+ days with the occasional day off (weddings/anniversary)

I'm like a completely different person I can't believe what I used to look like,

I went to my nephews christening last night and my sister cried when she saw me haha I haven't seen her since June and she was so happy for me, it's the best thing I have ever done, I think I'm actually a little bit in love with this diet haha

I'm also becoming a consultant in the new year, this diet has opened so many door's for me and I feel fantastic!

How much are u wanting to lose?
Stick with it chick, u won't regret it xx
Oh wow that's amazing!! So happy for you :)

You must be a little bit in love with the diet if you're becoming a CDC! It's really good though because not only will it give you the opportunity to help others with something you're passionate about but it'll also keep you on the straight and narrow as you'll want to be a good advert for the diet to your clients!

Oh thanks hun:) I started at 14st 11lbs and at my first weigh-in last Monday I was 14st 2.5lbs (fingers crossed for tomorrow's weigh-in)! I have two goals, the first being 12st at which point I'll join the gym and my ultimate goal is 9st, which I hope to reach by my 25th birthday at the end of June 2012.

Thank u :) and well done on ur loss that's great :-D I only lost 6lb my first week!

Yes I'm hoping It'll keep me and the straight and narrow, maintaining soon and iv heard that's the tough part so fingers crossed I do well!

Good luck on ur WI tomorrow, my advice is lots of water (I drink 4liter) green tea and chilli powder as they speed up ur metabolism

And good luck with ur journey I'm sure u will do it, u just need to want it bad enough xx

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