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How much do you eat?

I posted this before but cat find the thread so i am just wondering how much you eat.im not being nosey,i would just like to know as i am scared of eating incase i put the weight back on,I am sticking to red days,Someone in my sw group has a full english every morning and he has lost 7 stone in a year but i just keep thinking if i did that the weight will just stay on

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Hi Phil

They say the more you eat the diet works better, but thats what ive heard. Im on ee and i have a full english in morning roughly 2-3 times a week then maybe jacket pot with tuna sweetcorn salad and for tea maybe beef chilli with rice, so just as long its free and superfree foods go ahead and eat till ya satified hope that helps, but i was like you at the beginning and one week didnt eat much and sts so must work the more you eat
I feel like i eat LOADS and i'm never hungry but I usually have a good loss each week :) as long as your sticking to plan and eating plenty of superfree foods then your loss should be ok. Good luck! x
OMG i eat loads! Today so far ive had:

B - 2 eggs and 3 slices bacon with a tbsp on red sauce

L - 2 8ths of SW quiche, Quorn turkey and stuffing slices on wholemealbread with apple sauce, bag of french fries and an activia fat free yogurt

D - 4 Ryvitas with 4 laughing cow extra light triangles, 2 8th SW quiche, 1 activia fat free yogurt

Snacks - Latte, 2 plums, 1 tangerine, 1 banana, melon, strawberries and pineapple

And i will be eating more before i go to bed!
I eat loads too!!

Today I have had

Breakfast - 2 eggs on one slice of w/meal bread
Lunch - roast pots (in fry light), tofu, cauli, carrots, peas, cabbage
Tea - Batchelors Tomato Pasta n Sauce, 28g cheese and salad (if I ever get up and make it!)

Snacks - 2 x Alpen light bars, banana, nectarine, coffee with skimmed milk, muller light.

On a typical work day I usually have

B - 28g shreddies with skimmed milk
L - HUGE salad with either pasta/rice/potatoes/tofu (basically whatever leftovers I have in fridge), muller light
D - stirfry veg, noodles, tofu, soy sauce

With loads of fruit too, and either slice of toast or 2 x alpen lights.

I eat an unbeleivable amount sometimes!!

My mum is doing one of the Tesco diets and her plates are always half full compared to mine!



Slow but sure....
The more you eat the more you will lose, I have a good breakfast a light lunch and an afternoon nibble, and a few syns a good evening meal with dessert and then I have my 'treats' which could be some more syns during the evening.

I am always full and I still can't believe that I am actually on a diet and losing weight.

So don't hold back on your eating, keep your metabolism going by eating little and often if you have to, but do keep eating - you will lose weight.


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Huge amounts.
I am on extra easy.
I had today
B - Bacon, scrambled eggs, beans and mushrooms.
Sn- Mini galaxy bar
Lu- Roast chicken, roast potatoes, cauliflower, sweetcorn, yorkshire pudding (syns) gravy
Sn - Mini mars bar
Tea - Wmeal roll with roast chicken, cheddar (HEA) and a little bit of extra light mayo
Pudding - Sugar free jelly, strawberrys and little bit of aerosol cream.

My that is a lot lol
I really pile my plate with the free food, my o/h moans saying i know its free but not that much! :) lol, i don't care its freeeeeeee!


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Thanks for starting this thread! I always think I eat to much so even though there's "free" things I can eat, I still hold back. I think I should eat more now I've read all these replies! For example, today I've had...

HEXB cereal
HEXA SS milk (only used 200ml though)

HEXB WW bread x 2
HEXA 28g cheese
Fruit (berries, small bowl)
Muller light

Baked Beans (mmm yummy combo!)

Options White Choc 2.5syns
Breakaway 5syns.

That's not a lot is it... I was too tired to cook as OH been working all day (and will be until 2am) Usually I have more fruit/veg and less pasta etc.

I still feel like eating any more will make me gain and I don't want to risk it! xx

Beleive me it works , SW rule is eat until full ( comfort) eat loads of free foods and especially the speed foods on the list. vary your diet week to week to avoid STS.



Starting Again!
I never stop eating! I'm like pacman with munchies!

Trust the plan, follow it and it will work. Fill up on free foods, use your HE's to get all you vitamins and nutrients and use your syns for everything else (and please do eat all your syns).

Forget everything else you've ever learnt about dieting, losing weight and eating plans and follow and trust this one :)

Natt xxx

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