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how much does a dress size weigh??

The 7lbs a dress size is a bit of a myth. How much weight you need to lose for a dress size is individual to you and your weight. Some people would only need to lose 7lbs but i remember when i lost my first stone last year, my dress size had not changed at all... It will change soon enough though, dont worry :)
Now thats reassuring! I thought I was a freak! Its hard work though - It would be so much more encouraging if you could SEE results! You have me convinced though that eventually it will pay off I must have lost the weight from my neck or something.........:)
i was told by my leader an dress size is about 12lbs !

......... that's why we started our xmas tree challenge 12 weeks before xmas ... if we lose 1lb a week we will be a dress size smaller by xmas :)

i found though i've had to lose more then 12lbs to get to my 1st dropped size ( i had to loose double that for my trousers to be too big and the next size down to be comfy enough to wear) ... but then i lost about 1 or 2 lbs and the next size down have suddenly started to be too big, lol .... i think its just taken a while for my body to adjust to the loss and for the my measurements to start going down :)

It's clearly not 7lbs is it?? I would just like to be able to see every pound coming off! If you could see that you wouldn't need any other motivation but its the slogging on and on and seeing no benefit.....it'll come eventually! Keep the faith!