How much does exercise help?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by batlo8, 24 May 2009 Social URL.

  1. batlo8

    batlo8 Full Member

    When I did LT I didn't exercise at all but I am considering doing so this time.

    However I must admit I am majorly lazy so if cardio doesn't speed the loss up much I will probably just do toning exercises.

    Has anyone exercised? and if so has it helped?
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  3. ruthontheedge

    ruthontheedge Full Member

    I do exercise to music classes twice a week (1 hour each) and try to walk at lunchtimes and weekends (weather permitting). I think it has improved my cardio fitness as i deffo don't get out of breath as easy now. I am thinking of now going to the gym to focus on toning certain bits - thighs, bingo wings etc.

    I think any exercise is a bonus to you and it does make you feel better once you have done it - never thought i would hear myself say that!
  4. wellandgood

    wellandgood Silver Member

    I regularly exercise on the treadmill at home. 5 days a week. 30-40 min at a brisk pace. I do it to feel good and help to ol heart. Dont know if it helps lose faster but it helps with stress releif and cardio fittness. i wouldnt go over the top with any exercise on vlcd's. moderation...
  5. do it anyway

    do it anyway Member

    I swim 3-4 times a week and try to be more active. I feel fine doing it and I am convinced that it will help me tone as I lose weight. Go for it!
  6. Losing it for good

    Losing it for good Full Member

    I haven't done any exercise but am starting to feel very flabby. I am going to start walking to and from the train station each morning (approx 15/20 min each way) and start doing toning exercises. I wouldn't go over the top on VLCD though x
  7. batlo8

    batlo8 Full Member

    Thanks for the advise, think I may stick mostly to toning and then start with the cardio once I move up to 810.

    Plus I'll do small things like walk the long way to the train station, take the stairs at work etc. I also read somewhere that getting up during the add breaks EVERY time they come on can make a difference!
  8. Losing it for good

    Losing it for good Full Member

    Never heard about the ad breaks will give it a try tonight when I am watching the

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