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How much fat could a big mac have if a big mac didnt have fat!

Hey all! (ignore my subject, it doesnt really make sence :p)

Anyway, this morning whilst eating my yummy fruit salad i was thinking about how fresh it makes me feel to eat it, compared to say if i ate a big mac. This spurred a thought; How much fruit and veg could i eat to equal the amount of fat in a big mac. And so i did my research (hope its correct):

Big Mac: Fat = 25g approx!!!!

Vegetables: = 25g fat approx

5 artichokes = 1g
10 celery sticks = 1g
10 Brussels sprouts = 1g
5 medium grapefruits = 2g
100 grapes = 1g
5 peaches = 1g
5 cups of cubed honeydew melon = 1g
5 medium oranges = 1g
2 apples = 1g
2 medium bananas = 1.2g
2 cups of blueberries = 1.2g
3 medium mangoes = 1.8g
5 cups of strawberries = 3.0g
1 cup cubed pineapple = 0.7g
4 medium plums = 1.6g
10 medium raw carrots = 1.0g
5 cups of baked butternut squash = 1.0g
3 cups of mushrooms = 0.9g
1 small fresh, boiled corn = 1.0g
= 23.4g fat (even less)


Also i thought id search for a meal that we slimmers may think is a 'good' fast food option;

Happy meal:
Small fries
Small chocolate milkshake = 29g fat

Still a whole lot isnt it, think about it if you give it to your children regularly too, i havent incorportated saturated fat, but its still alot.

So go for this instead . . .

Hamburger (swap for a fruit bag and is free)
Carrot sticks
Diet coke = 8g fat (0g if fruit bag)


XL Bacon double cheese burger = 55g fat!!!
Fries (supersized) = 23g fat
Large Chocolate shake = 14g fat
= 92g FAT!!!

Hope you enjoyed my research!

Happy slimming!
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It's always good to have comparisons like this now and again - just makes you realise what cr*p we used to put into our bodies without a second thought!

Good research...that's my kinda thinking :)


Cute, but psycho!
Yep, I'm afraid me and the OH will sometimes have a BK meal - and they're yummy!
However, that will be the week I STS or gain, so I know what to expect once I've eaten one.
Now and again though, a treat does you good - if only in your head as it stops the cravings, but you have to be aware of it's effect on the scales..


The Minis Bad Boy
Oh man id drop a big mac any day for an

XL bacon cheese double from BK. Man those things were invented to ruin weight loss.


The Minis Bad Boy
*High Fives Jester*
None of that limp wristed 1 burger rubbish smothered in lettuce and tomatos. 2 burgers, lots of cheese, bit of bacon, and ketchup.


The Minis Bad Boy
I am on plan but I am craving a xl bacon double. And I have some free vouchers for CK as well :( I am suffering at the moment. Suffering the smell but not the taste.


The Minis Bad Boy
Nah the mc ones are all floppy and saggy. You could eat a fistful containing 200 calories n not notice. The BK ones are crispy and perfect for dipping in mayo/ketchup/bum sauce.
Totally agree with that! LOL! Fast food is eeeevil and not at all tasty or delicious. It's like eating a heart attack!

Make yourself a hearty fresh beefburger with fresh salad and make your own tasty sauce... Much better.

*gets off high horse*
lol Sorry! :p

I'm not gunna eat it. Its actually making me think about making my own burgers for lunch.
The BK or McDonalds debate was always a conversation I had with my friends. It always split us as half like Bk and half liked McDonalds. lol

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