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How much fibre do you take?

Hi guys - i am having BIG issues in that department at the moment... this morning was the first time since 5 days.... i just had to take a fibre supplement last night (double dose so .8 carbs and 14 kals) made from wheat dextrin and is supposed to be "all natural" with no sugar or sweetners - it just dissapears into my glass... might see the chemist to see what else i can do as it is def not healthy! I am worried thought that this extra little bit of cals and carb will hinder my SS'ing???? Any suggestions are very welcome!! thanks Kat
Can I pipe up here

I don't know why but I've never had issues with poo's LOL I'm 4 packs a day that includes a bar since day dot wondering if that helps ???

Just thinking maybe having couple of bars a week could help people???

I didn't have issues for the first 8 weeks and then it turned into complete hell.
I hope this fibre stuff helps cos I don't want this pain again! err TMI here so don't read on if you are squeamish.

my skin actually tore!
oh jeez. eek.
i had a similar experience (but not to that extent)... it was the most horrific pain i've ever encountered. I cried. Like a baby. On the loo. I'm a grown woman ffs.

Even my OH was concerned... he checked on my about half a dozen times... i was in there for ages.

Not funny.

oh dear - sorry you two had bad experiences too - but kinda glad it's not just me - so.... what did you do to fix the problem?
oh dear - very sorry to hear that Mince - sounds like a trip to the doctors for some other remedy might be a good idea.
Let's hope we both get answers soon.
I resorted to Ducolax... two did the trick... and then i bought that Fibre 87... i really didn't take it every day tho...

I am much better now thankfully. But i'm not SS (or SS+).

It was nasty when it happened tho.


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