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How much Fruit


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Im not sure if you can eat too much fruit if the alternative is something bad for you. For me though I wouldnt eat that much.
Today Ive had a nectarine, a pear,a banana and will have a few straw berries later. I usually have 3 portions.
Are you eating enough at meal times if you need to snack on that much fruit?
Then again Im still learning SW so I could be wrong and Im sure someone who knows will be along soon


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I have had a banana, nectarine and a satsuma so far today, and I expect I will have an apple later.....I eat quite a bit of fruit but I only eat one banana daily.
well i eat a lot of fruit.cause i snack a lot and i know its free so i dont think u can have too much.the only thing i have heard is that you should only have one banana a day as there is a lot of sugar in them.cause i used to eat loads of bananas.but now i limit myself.


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I eat lots of fruit - normally have 3 pieces with yogurt for breakfast, then another piece as a mid morning snack and another piece or 2 as an afternoon snack.
My in between meal snacks probably aren't really because I'm that hungry though, more that when I'm at work it's habit... and if I didn't have those snacks I'd probably be looking for biscuits or chocolate etc...
Don't have quite as much on a weekend lol!

P.S. I'm the same with banana's - I only have one a day. But then again I tend to only have one of each type of fruit - I just make sure I have a big selection. Usuals are apples, pears, clementines, bananas, peaches, mangos, pineapple, strawberries & bluberries.


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i eat tons of fruit a day - 3 bananas - and this had NEVER effect by weight - today ive had 3bananas, 1/2 punnet blueberries strawberrys, peach x2 and then a mixed fruit salad for work x2 oranges
OMG!! I am a walking fruit salad eat tons of the stuff and every type known to man-kind. The only exception to this is that I only have two bananas a week as too many actually slows your met rate, and slower to digest your not working out, due to them being fibreous.

I say better fruit in the bowl then in the cake !!!

I would say fill you little booties lass and enjoy !!!

Phil x
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Its still worth mentioning the banana issue, I would agree fruit is free. As free food is free in moderation eating until comfortable. Alot of members do struggle with loss when eating four or five bananas per day.

Phil x


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If you think, a large banana can be 120 cals it can soon stop you losing if you have 3 a day. I have 4 a week.


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I only like certain fruit, melon bananas pineapple but from tin (hexb) pears and sweet satsumas.

Got told last night by my Consultant that if i was eating melon and exercising it will keep my water retention (if said that right) as its full of water grrrrrr.

Only eat 2-3 bananas a week but love a fruit cocktail in tin but i know cant have it :cry:


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I eat strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, bananas (3/4 per week), apples, peaches, grapes, pears, satsumas, normally a few types atleast once a day (bowl of berries for brekkie etc).

I've always been warey of bananas as they are high in sugar, potassium, and calories :eek: and was also told to only have a few a week. x
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hate the stuff but trying hard to have some each day and trying fruits I've not had for a long time. What can I say I'm a nightmare fussy eater lol - hope sw will change this though (baby steps in progress)


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I have about three portions a day, any more than that and I'm in for serious tum trouble!

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