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How much in how long?

I'm sure its been asked before, but as a newbie/restarter, I would love to know how much weight peeps have lost, and how long it took them to lose it, or reach goal. As I'm at the start of my journey (17 stone) wanting to get to 10, this would be really inspiring for me to know!

J x
hey Scarlett - WELCOME !! I'm sure there'll be lots of replies to your question very soon.....

good luck with your weight loss journey...

if you're on a vlcd, then the losses are a stone per month.....

Debz x
Hiya scarlett, cant answer really as im only doing week 4! but just to give you a idea I started at 17 and am now down to 15.11 in under 4 weeks.

I know porgeous on here lost a incredible amount of weight in only 6 months!

Check out the inspiration slide!
I started at 16st 1lb and am now 12st 6lb just into my 14thweek.xx
Good Luck.xx


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Hi and welcome - I have gone from 17.4 to 15.6 in 7 weeks. I have been on holiday for a week in there too!

Good Luck with your loss. Most seem to have a very good first week and then settle to about 1 stone a month.


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I lost the first 3 stone in two months.

The whole 8 stone took about 9 months, but only because I had to come off a few times.

I think many people tend to lose more (often about 3 stone in a couple of months), then averages to about a stone a month :clap:
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I lost just under 5 and a half stone in 6 months, the first three and half stone I lost in 14 weeks, the rest was slower as I did it on the higher plans.

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Hi i've only been on CD for 5 weeks, but i started at 18 st 2lbs and 5 weeks later i'm 16 st 1 lb. It really will change your life!

Scarlett, I know how you feel, I feel that way too. I am trying to keep in mind that as long as I stick too it, I will lose. It is very hard to be patient but as I am going along I am also trying to work on my other issues so that I can benefit from the maintance program and "rewire" my brain with better thinking, choices and tastes in foods, healthy foods. It truly is a journey. Thanks to all the posters on here, I have gotten so much inspiration from everyone and I am glad we can share with each other.:cool::sign0144:
wk 1-4 -22.7

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