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How much of your diet is difficult.

chicken on a mission

Restarting to lose 4stone
I always tend to post advice that if you can do a diary to find out if there is a pattern to your difficult times/places/emotions then you can use this to work out a strategy to cope with them.

By coping better with the tough times it makes the diet seem a lot easier as who remembers how much of the diet they are cruising though?

So think about your day, how much of it is it actually a struggle and how much of it are you cruising through?

What strategies do you have in place to make those challenging times easier on yourself?
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Hi Chicken on a mission i never struggle with breakfast or lunch. at the evening meal itend to want more than i have planned to eat.

I try not to eat between meal no matter what or else that can make me desire more food i write it down and stop when the meal is over making the meal last a set time ie no longer than an hour(dont mean i eat for an hour, but if disturbed try to eat it within that time frame)

I am fairly small so i never now feel deprived when i see taller people who can eat much more than me that now makes sense to me but i used to envy people who could eat alot more than myself and not put on weight.

These are a few of the things that work for me as i can very easily revert to eating complusively( a life long problem) Food was never a problem eating too much was. I try to eat smaller meals and stop when satisfied before i feel stuffed or full this has took a lot of practice but i had been doing the feeling full for a long.....long time but it bets that terrible craving and yearning for foods and never feeling full
Well thats me.:)
I find that it is the evenings that are hardest for me. That's when I watch all of my favorite shows on the DVR, and kick back with a snack. I'm okay if I have fruit in the house. But if all there is are chips...I'm gonna eat them. It's hard to break the habit of overeating late at night. It's not regular eating at night that's a problem-it's eating too much. I can avoid unnecessary evening snacks by making a "no food at the computer" rule, and also working harder to keep healthier snacks on hand. It's a constant struggle.


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Hi, i never struggle at home or in hotels but i struggle like mad when i am on the planes i work on - - feeding up to 400 people two meals a day doesnt help and then in first class theres always plates of choccies cheese crisps and other nibbles on the go too. it kills me BUT i took a tip from Mike ( ice moose ) which i read on his blog last year - and when i am tempted i just put a drop of tabasco on my hand and lick that! sounds weird but it works! either that or drink a big glass of sparkling water - that tends to get rid of teh temptation too.
Sparkling water, eh? I've never heard of that. I might give it a try, myself. My thing is that if I can get myself distracted, I can usually avoid the temptation. But if there is nothing to keep my mind off of it, I am SO going to have that cupcake, or chips, or whatever. Sometimes I can fix a chip craving with tortilla chips and salsa, which is obviously far healthier than a big bag of Lay's.


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LAYS! oh twopoundsperweek i would kill for a bag of lays right now - and not the baked ones either lol : ) yummmm
That's ok-I just had KFC for lunch. I SMELLED it on my way in to work and I had to have it. But I ate very slowly and paid attention to my body so I'd stop when I was full. I don't feel at all guilty about it. If I had ignored the craving, I would have thought about it all day and probably bought it for dinner and had twice as much. So for now I am satisfied, and tonight I will have a sensible dinner.

Unless I smell McDonald's...lol


Back to the grindstone!!
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I am on LL and I find, like most of you, that evenings are when I used to graze and when I still want to now. I try and drink lots of water during the day and save some of my packs for the evening to give me something to look forward to whilst DH is munching of crisps (my fav)!
Mmmm...I need someone to help me resist the Halloween candy in my kitchen. Distract me-remind me that the pleasure of a few pieces of candy is not worth abandoning the pleasure of a healthy, thin frame...that it's bad for my teeth as well as my waitline...that grapes are just as sweet and so much better for me...

Ok, I think I'm good.