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How Much Roughly?

Morning Ladies,

Well im off to see my Cambridge Counseller to pick up shakes tonight.
Just wondering how much roughly it costs for a weeks supply of shakes?
Because i will need to go to the Cashpoint before hand and not sure how much i need to withdraw, dont want to find i dont have enough on me! :)

Thanks girls and hope everyone is having a nice day

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I haven't done it for a while so i'm not sure hun - sorry i'm not any help but didn't want to read and run. Hopefully someone will be able to help you.
Good luck with your first meeting. x
A week supply for me is approx £40 ish or just under x


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mine is £36 a week for 21 shakes does go up abit if you have bars or tetras


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For one week basic supply allow around £35 - £37.

I like to buy more than I need as I hate getting to the last couple of days before weigh in and being restricted to certain flavours.

At first it seems a lot but when I think back I used to have a couple of takeaways, lunch every day at the office and sweets and treats etc would add up to almost that - without proper food!
Yep mine is just over £35 for 21 sachets a week. Bit more if you want bars or tetras.

At first i thought it was a lot but now when i add up a couple of takeaways and all the weight watchers food i use to have it works out bout the same if nto cheaper!


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I would take £40 to be on the safe side, i'm sure you'll get some change.
Though i think if you are over 5'8" you have 4 sachets a day?? so that would be more. Goodluck with your meeting x


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my CDC told me it was £2 a pack, so therefore I paid £42 for a week's supply!? am I being ripped off!!

(I've only just started so I don't have the bars yet)


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that is very high i think i pay £42 if i have 7 bars and 14 shakes/soups i think! i would double check with her just say you had been speaking to others and they say they only pay £36 a week it should be about £1.60 a shake i think
eek. i did have one tetra but that shouldn't push it up too much!? do the CDC's make it up as they go along? they must have guidelines to stick to... I'll give her a text now..!
There is an RRP but since all the CDC's are self employed they can choose what they want to charge.

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Yes £2 soes sound a bit steep.
My cdc charges £1.60 ish for shakes and porridge and £1.90 something for tetras and bars.
ugh don't really know how to approach the subject without causing bad feeling!? Like if we agree £2 is OK she will know I feel a bit uncomfortable about it, and she probably won't want to back down on the price because it's like admitting she's overcharging!
It depends how much you like her and how good a CDC you think she is. Mine charges 1.70 for the soups and shakes and 1.90 I think for tetras and bars. I do have to travel a bit to see her and there are others closer but it's down to who you feel comfortable and happy with.

Are there others in your area you could email or ring to find out if you would be better and cheaper with another CDC?


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I pay £1.70 for shakes/soups and £1.90 for bars/tetras.

If my CDC charged more than that I would look at changing, because over time the extra amount will add up considerably!
Hmm well I text her and she said she has a flat rate for all products- and she did say that CDC's set their own prices.... but I do have to travel fairly far to see her! I might phone around in the morning see if I can find one nearer, that maybe charges less. I've only seen her once so it's not like we've bonded yet lol


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All CDC's are different - although there is a rrp as someone mentioned before all CDC's are self employed & can therefore charge whatever they like. I've had one who had different prices for different products ie, tetras, bars, shakes etc & i've had one who charged the same for everything - but it averaged out at about the same. Seeing if theres another CDC you can go to sounds like a good idea. Hope you get something sorted. x

Mine charges £1.75 for soups/shakes, £2 for tetras/bars and £5 for the mix-a-mousse. Also paid £20 for initial consultation. These charges sound more than most of you pay, but I am happy with my CDC and the charges were explained to me upfront.

Soon2bslimmer x :)

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