how much water do i really need to drink?


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Hey everyone,
Its my 1st day on the Cambridge diet and i am on my 2nd 2 litre bottle of water. I am going to the toilet every 10mins!
How much do i really need to drink. I've been reading and im just not sure how much. Would 4 litres be enough. I want to try and finish drinking before tonight, cos i dont wanna be up and down when im going to bed!
I've had one sachet today so far toffee and walnut. I used my Kenwood Frothie maker and i must say i was really impressed. Even my mum said it smelt nice. I have vegetable soup later and mint chocolate? What are these 2 like. Its weird im not hungry im full up from water but i really fancy something nice to eat! I wont though its just mind over mater really!
Hiya Laurie

I would say anything above 4 is brilliant and will help the loss but don't go about 8 litres.

Oh and your bladder does get "trained" to hold for longer too I've found. I was terrible at the start, but now I can go for well over an hour !! Im drinking 4 litres a day.
Its trial and error, I have betweem 4 and 5 ltrs and it works well for me, like wisp says you do get used to it.

Dont drink too much before bedtime and space it out throuought the day if you can.

Well done on what you have done so far x
I don't often drink more than 4 litres a day but I have found I can go way longer now without going to the toilet than to start with. Oh and choc mint is divine - I do the whole thing on choc mint now. Enjoy.
Am I wrong? I manage about 6 pints a day but I thought the minimum was 4 pints. Everyone seems to be talking in terms of 4 litres plus. Is the weight loss at drinking 4 litres plus really that much more than at 4 or 5 pints???

I am worried now. I have about 4 -5 pints of plain water and about 3 green teas and 2 or 3 coffee's a day.

And yes I started off in the loo every 15 minutes or so. At work the kitchen is next to the ladies so every time I go for a pee I nip in and fill up my pint glass too.
Hiya Champ

The minimum recommended by Cambridge is 4 pints or 2.25 litre but I think it is widely accepted that 4 litres tends to me mean more weight loss, less constipation, less bad breath and generally helps the diet along.

lol, you are doing just fine and well done on your losses so don't worry bout it.

Bizarrely, I have found that the more water I drink the more weight I lose.. beats me how that works!
I manages 4 litres in the end. It wasnt too hard but it'll take a while to get used to the ammount i need to drink! Im going to aim for 4litres a day hopefully that'll be ok.
Thank you everyone for your advice.
Apparently the water helps the liver metabolise the fat when it needs to use it for energy.

When I think of all the 1500cal diets I tried in the days when I drank no water, I could weep!

Erm sorry about this, but I kind of think that I'm peeing the fat away :) on my regular bathroom breaks. I think about it each time and it kind of acts as a positive reinforcement of what I'm doing.
Whhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyy can I not drink as much as all u guzzlers! lol ;)

I manage 2-3 litres... occassionally reaching 4 (woohoo)

But any more... even with the wonderful sunshine orange flavouring.... I just feel like I'm drinking/peeing/drinking/peeing... It drives me mad! lol
It's mu first day today too and I have drunk 3.5 litres so far and I need the loo every ten minutes. I don't mind though, cos it feels like I am getting rid of all the crap in my body. Not feeling too hungry but I made the chicken and mushroom soup too cold so it wasn't that nice. I just had to neck it back!

Here is to day one nearly being over!:D