How much water everyday


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I drink between 4 & 5 Litres a day because my pharmacist told me to drink at least that. I am after reading on another post here that you shouldn't drink more than 3 because it can knock you out of Ketosis.............its that true :eek:

If so I am screwed.



emmmm.....don't think water kicks u out of ketosis...:confused:

drinking loads might mean your ketostix are showing paler pink...but think that's better than being dark pink cos that can mean ur dehydrated....

hope that's right....I'm sure there'll be someone who knows what they're talking about along in a minute to confirm....

and...if it was kicking you come your losses so far are AMAZING ???!!!! :D





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Sorry - I read somewhere else on the forum ........this evening someone else telling someone that drinking more than 3ltrs a day can kick you out of ketosis.

So I panicked and have been searching everywhere for confirmation. I found it in the minimins water challenge.

Phew. Thanks a million


BEttyboo !!


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erm.........nope. Would always advise about 4 litres, a bit more if you can manage.

If you drink too much water....we're talking 10 litres may wash out electrolites and other bits and bobs that keep you healthy, so don't go mental with the water...but 4 or 5 sounds about perfect to meeeeee!!!:)


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I have my best losses on four and a half ltrs, its stops me feeling hungry and my skin is great!!!!


I've never heard that it could damage ketosis, your stick results are paler because the ketones in the urine are diluted more if you drink more water.

As Coley says, really huge amounts are not recommended, and will make you feel a bit unwell. Cambridge say minimum 2.25 litres, I think LL say minimum 4 litres.

You are doing brilliantly on your losses so far, well done.
Sorry bettyboo, my mistake, I got confused re excessive water knocking you out of ketosis. I apologise for confusing you.:eek:

I was reading on another forum about a man who was having his 4 packs of LT too close together, with less than 3 hours between each of the 4 packs.
That was knocking him out of ketosis. Not the water he was drinking with them, plus extra water he was drinking.
So excessive water won't knock you out of ketosis.

However, as I said on the other thread, Lipotrim only recommend 4 - 7 pints.
That is Lipotrim Head Office ruling.
It doesn't mean it applies to CD and LL as they have a different administration and different guidelines.

Pam xx