How much water is everyone drinking?


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I've just restarted LL after a 3stone loss from last year. Trying to finish off to goal and get rid of the rest.

Last year I would drink 3 and a half litres of water and would have pretty good losses.

This year I'm drinking 2/ 2and a half litres. 3 if I'm really good. I know LL have changed their rules stating that we should drink 2 and a half litres and drinking more does not affect weight loss.

Whats everyones experience of this? Is it true the more you drink the more you lose?
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LL doesn't give an amount that has to be drunk now. It's just 'drink to thirst'. Personally I don't think drinking stupid amounts actually speeds up weight loss.
Current gossip is it's best to drink it ice cold as your metabolism speeds up having to warm it up to digest.
Just be sensible, stick to the diet and drink when you feel you want some. I used to have 4-5 litres no problem but I think you need less in the cold weather anyway.
All the best with your journey x


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I'm attempting to drink about 3 litres a day, but i recon sometimes i only get around 2 litres
I am always thirsty on this diet though!


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i drink a gallon at least a day, to keep myself hydrated when hitting the gym


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I'm managing about 2.5L + daily, plus extra for foodpacks and coffee. Ken, I couldn't manage 4L + daily....I'd never be off the loo!! LoL


I aim for 3 to 4 litres a day, though most of that tends to be at night; when I'm at work I get about 1L down throughout the day, then between 5pm and when I go to bed (usually around 1am) I drink another 2-3L but it depends on what I'm doing.

I think as long as you drink enough so that you don't ever feel really thristy, you're doing fine, if you get dehydrated while on LL you'll certainly know it!!!
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I dont know about anyone else but i absolutley love the water favourings jelly with the mix, it feels like im getting an extra course and another way to get that water down!!...:bliss: