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How much water...?

I used to drink about 4 litres as well as packs and coffees, more if it was hot weather like this.
The main thing is little and often, remember the water wheel analogy.
Don't be tempted to suddenly glug down loads in one go.
How much water does everyone recommend drinking? I'm drinking about 4 litres at the mo but I drunk about 3 litres when I was eating normally anyway. But I'm scared to drink too much.. I'm finding that even after 4 I'm still thirsty. I get through 4 by about 7pm?
same as me.

as I posted recently, drinking too much (but I would not call it too much) has led me to the possibility of having to leave LL total. Still no news for me.

Reason being is that you could be flushing out salts, so keep an eye on how you feel with your electroloyte balance.

I was originallt told to drink to quench thirst, but hay ho.
Oh no! Why would you have to leave? I drink slot of water normally anyway so I'm just drinking maybe 2 litresmore than normal (even more in this heat) I was getting bad leg cramps etc the first few days but drunk some water with a pinch of salt in last night before bed so was fine last night, think it really helped! It's day 5 for me and I'm
Starting to feel a bit better now!


Is feeling the love!
Flex, drink a Diarolyte (sorry for crap spelling) my LLC said if you drink one before you go to bed then you will be back in Ketosis by the morning and you wouldn't have noticed. She said it's good to replace the lost salts if you are sweating a lot through working out, or if you do drink a bit too much water and feel a bit funny.
But she said to only do this every now and again, might help you.

I drink between 4-5 ltrs a day, and check the soduim levels in sparkling water. One medium in levels is good every now and again to keep salt levels good.
Im allowed to continue as long as I drink less water. which is fine by me.

Not sure i want to drink anything else thanks Linds as I do not want to get in to the habit of consuming just yet. If I do have trouble then I will look t odo that and thanks for the advice.

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