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How much weight can you expect to lose? x

Discussion in 'Slim And Save' started by abbz, 6 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. abbz

    abbz Silver Member

    Hey Slim & Savers!

    I've ordered a month's supply of Slim & Save and hope to start in 11 days on the 17th March.
    I'm just wondering how much weight you can expect to lose?
    I've just lost 3 stone with Lipotrim and that was about a stone/month, but of course I was nearly 14st then and now I'm 11st so I'm expecting smaller losses x

    Thank you in advance you lovely people! x
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  3. LeahB

    LeahB Silver Member

    Hi abbz :) I remember reading your Lipotrim diary, you have done amazing! I only lasted 1 day on Lipotrim before throwing the towel in don't no how you managed to drink those horrid shakes for so long!! Lol. You'll be so pleased with the taste of these shakes most of them are nice :)

    I can't offer much advice yet as only on day 13 but my first week weigh in I lost 8lbs, my second week is going alotttt slower! (Only 1lb loss so far this week) but apparently that's common to not have a big loss week 2.

    Good luck anyway, I checked out your transformation post/piccy, you look fab already :) xxx
  4. abbz

    abbz Silver Member

    Hey Leah!

    Thank you for reading my diary! I'm quite shocked as to how I did it too, they were pretty foul haha. Ah sounds similar to losses on Lipotrim then :) Well done on the loss so far though!
    And thank you for checking out my transformation post :) I'm still kinda chunky though and I want a slim bikini body for summer hehe :D

    Cheers for your help and good luck with the rest of Slim & Save xxx
  5. LeahB

    LeahB Silver Member

    Ahh your welcome :) if you sailed through that then you'll do this easily :)

    The bars Are amazing on this, especially the choc orange and choc mint there like Terry's choc orange and after eight (and there bigger than the other bars lol) and the shakes actually taste nice :)

    Good luck to you too I'll keep an eye out for you joining :) xxx
  6. NumptyMum

    NumptyMum Full Member

    Last year when i did s&s i averaged around a stone a month but i was a lot heavier at over 16 stones x
  7. abbz

    abbz Silver Member

    ah thank you! I'm not expecting as big losses as most other people as I'm not overweight x

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