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How much weight have you lost on Atkins?

Hi Plumjuice,

So far I've lost about 34lb over about 3 months. I guess that's about 2lb per week? Unfortunately it wasn't as consistent at that tho - I lost more at the start than I do now that I'm a bit further down the line.

I know one thing tho...IT DEFINITELY WORKS! :D


Clean green leafy machine
I started in August and have lost 34lbs (men lose faster than women - how annoying lol Michael and James) and have settled at about 2lbs a week after a big loss at first - see my signature for details
Haha I think you've got a much better chance of going the distance than me tho Lady!

Your powers are STRONG! :)


Clean green leafy machine
LOL thx for the faith Michael, if I can do as well as you, that'll be good!

I am doing some serious overeating at the moment - but am naturally blaming the weather! :D
Haha don't be silly, you're doing just as well as I am!

Weather is a good excuse! This WOE was so much easier when it was warm out. Salads just don't have the same appeal in mid-winter...!


Clean green leafy machine
I've had two Atkins bars already today! :eek:

Know what you mean on the salad front, I try and do a warm meat and salad thing, makes it a bit easier :)


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I've lost about 12lbs so far since September...but I don't weigh myself regularly....and this takes into account the Christmas splurge....so would probably have been more had I stayed on track over the hols!
I moved to Atkins to maintain after losing on a VLCD, but lost about a half to a pound per week when I wasn't even being that strict at the start. Now I'm using it to maintain, and it's a doddle. :D
19lb since 2nd september.
i'm a struggler, not in sticking to atkins, that bit is easy, i love salads, not a problem for me in the winter, its an easy packed lunch for work too.
but i just don't seem to be able to shift more than 1lb a week, sometimes nothing.
this is going to take me ages, but i will plod on, it's the first thing that has worked for more than the first 2 weeks, which has been my experience with any other regime i've tried.

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