How often do you weigh yourself ?


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Well, only started yesterday but I have weighed myself today. When I did CD last year I used to weigh myself to spur me on.

I just don't want to become obsessional or disappointed, I know weight fluctuates. :eek:
I must admit that I weigh every morning nude after I've been to the loo...

BUT it's not the be all or end all. We all know weight fluctuates and if you've cheated, drunk lots of water, it's TOTM or whatever then you understand if there's a temporary gain. On this diet it is not possible to permanently gain but I wanted to make weighing a habit for when I've finished as before I lost the weight on WW (2.5 stone) but didn't keep a good enough eye on it & gained it all back. I'm determined to act if I go up by only 4lbs or so.
I only ever get weighed once a week - learnt a long time ago that it just makes me totally if I get on them more often.............those pesky scales really do fluctuate from day to day At least this way I KNOW it's a true reading :D
I'm also a daily weigher (starkers after first wee of the day) and always have been. I find it keep me focussed and 'eye on the ball' - even if there may be a slight gain due to TOTM or whatever.

If I only got weighed once a week I think I'd feel more tempted to cheat as I'm very much of the "what you don't know, can't hurt you" mentality - at least this way I make sure I know. Like Anja, I also wanted to get into the habit of weighing myself regularly so that when I reach my target I'm more readily aware if my weight starts creeping up again and can quickly do something about bringing it back down again.

Like everything with this diet, though - it's whatever works best for you as (thankfully!) we're all different :D
Thanks all, I am thinking along your lines Summerskye, I think I need to weigh often (i.e. daily) to keep me motivated and on track.

I am glad others do too it makes me feel a little less obsessive. I love getting on the scales and seeing that another pound as gone.

It stops me wanting to eat.
I weigh in First thing in the morning when I wake up...



and again when I get home..


and before I go to bed!

I am obsessed!

sometimes in between if I at home!!

only once that counts.
I never post my weights on the other weigh days either.

I'm the same, Lisa - the only time I record my weight is on a Friday which is the day I started CD. The rest of the time is just for 'information purposes only' :)