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How often do you weigh?


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I weigh every day. I'm not sure it's helpful, but it's not a habit I want to work on at the moment; I've got stressed each time I've tried recently, and I prefer to work on losing the weight and exercise for me at the moment. I'm hoping later in the summer to start tackling my regular weighing thing! For now, every day it is :)


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Sometimes I can go 3/4 days without weighing but I weigh most days, more than once! I'm bad lol x


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once a week, unless ive been bad, then i tend to avoid the scales for a little longer.
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I'm due my first WI on Monday. I'm planning on just weighing in once a week. I'd definitely become obsessed with it, I think. It wouldn't be helpful to me.


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I think I'm going to stick to weekly. Whilst I might be able to see day to day difference the first week, when it drops to 3lb a week Im not going to see that everyday am I and might loose heart?
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That's exactly how I feel. I'd rather not overestimate what I'll lose in a week by having a mid week WI and see, perhaps a 4lb loss, cause then I'd think "Oh well, I'll probably lose around 7/8lbs this week." Then have my official WI and it might still be stuck at a 4lb loss. Not that that is to be sniffed at.. but hopefully you know what I mean.
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Every 2 days or so.. I tell myself that it could be 2-3 pounds more than what I've seen last time, and that it doesn't mean anything, is just normal daily variations. Of course, if it happens to be 2-3 pounds less than I consider it as a total success lol


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every day as I have no self control lol, but then I have seen my weight drop 8lb in 4 days so at the moment I am seeing a difference every time. Once I'm out my 1st week and the losses slow down I'll have to just do weekly otherwise I'll just get disapointed when I don't see it going down
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:( Several times a day. However I only take the early morning naked weigh in seriously. Amazing how much you can fluctuate in one day.

I aim to reduce this, but like Cybill, it's a fairly harmless habit and at the minute not my main worry.

I think I need the immediate feedback and confirmation that this is working.


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For me MONTHLY! I like big results. So the first Sunday of every month. In the past I have been totally knocked off my daily and weekly weighing.



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Trying for monthly after a few disasters weekly and mid weekly.... we'll see how it goes :)


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ive had a cheeky weigh in this morning and have decided that from now on im going to do a wi on a saturday morning as well as my usual wed wi. Weekends is usually when I slip up so I reckon a Sat am wi will help me stay on track over the weekend
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Since it's my first week I've weighed everyday. But I think when I begin to see the weight loss slowing, perhaps the end of week 2, then I'll weigh once a week.
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Every day - otherwise I'll just say to myself "oooh one *insert food item* won't hurt... I have until next week!". So it keep me on track.

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