How often should we do body measurments?


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I think if you do ot monthly you may see a change.


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I take my measurements at the beginning of each month, any sooner than that and you don't tend to see the changes. I highly recommend it, I lost 8.5 inches last month, as the months go by they will add up to significant loses.


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Well my CDC told me to do it weekly but to be honest I don't see changes each week so I think monthly would be much more motivational as you would definately see a good loss :)


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Doing mine on the 1st of every month. Its a real boost cos sometimes its hard to acknwledge that youve gotten smaller in the mirroe but the tape measure doesnt lie.


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Yep I'm going to do mine monthly as well :)

Shrinking Nicky

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I always measure my customers every week (or visit if they come less often). I measure in cm - sounds like more when it is weekly.

I measure, tummy, waist, hips, chest, both thighs, both upper arms. As well as individual measurements my spreadsheet shows the total loss over all measurements for the week, the cumulative loss since they started the diet & for each measurement the % of their start measurement they have lost....I find it really inspires & the weeks they don't lose much weight the cm usually drop off.

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