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How old are your ears?!

haha I could *just about* hear the 24 & under ones.. that fits, I'm 23 :)

Edit: actually that's weird, I struggled to hear those ones the most, I could hear all the 18&under ones?!


Is back in the saddle!
Daisy, you have far too much time on your hands!!!!
I couldnt hear any!! think i have a technical problem rather than a hearing one lol x
I'm 31 and can't hear past the 49 and under - that's worrying.My bf says it's really loud and I can't hear a thing.
What does that mean?!


I Can Do This!
I lost 10 years! Could hear the under 30 easy. And my OH calls me deaf?


On a Mission
Mmm I think I must be doing something wrong? I can hear all of them...
:( can't hear the 30 and under, and I'm 27! think my ears are getting old before their time. quite amusing tho, for kids to use the lower ones as ringtones so teachers cant hear them!
Sorry Sarah, but thank god it's not just me. I am sure that our other senses are super developed though and compensate for it!
Ha - I can hear them all. Not that my daughter will have a mobile phone until she is 26, but she'll be annoyed if she tries that trick on me!

It's a shame for my deaf brother that I must've got all the ear genes though :(

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