How old is everyone? Am I the youngest?

I'll be 41 on Nov 10th!!
Yeah I know what you mean - I should have done it a year ago!!! My Mum pointed out how great these diets are, as me and my sister NEVER have a reason to be overweight or yo yo dieters as this diet just cant fail - well you can but if you do it correctly.
I am 31, 32 on the 13th march. I agree should of done this about 4 years ago when i started to gain weight. :)

Nick :D
Well, it looks like I'm "mother WeMitt" in more ways than one, the oldest so far - I will be 60 in February.
I wish I'd found CD when it started 30 years ago. I'd have saved myself a lot of anguish (and money) but then again, perhaps the time wasn't right then - it is now.
Ann x
I am 51 and 1/2:D

I thought I would be fit and fab for 40....just over a decade late:rolleyes: