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How on earth did I manage that?!?!


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Well, I've had a bit of a 'dim' moment! :rolleyes:

For some reason, I thought I was 5ft 8. It turns out, I am 5ft 6!

This means I have to adjust my weight by a whole stone to ensure I have a healthy BMI :doh:

Soo...I've made my adjustments and am getting on with it. I haven't set my target and won't even be thinking about it for a long time yet.

Now, lets just hope I don't shrink over the next few years. I couldn't bear to put another 14lbs on my ticker!
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Mens sana in corpore sano
Wowsers, a whole STONE for 2 inches??? Man, that BMI is strict! I believed I was 5' 7 - 5' 8 tall (since high school) discovered just over a year ago when doctors took my height that I'd either somehow shrunk to 5' 5.5 (or maybe just wishful thinking?). My mum reckons women shrink everytime they have a baby...don't know if there's any scientific truth in that though!
I used to be 5'11" but apparently I am now only 5'10. I refuse to change my stats though!


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Oh I'm so glad I'm not the only one!

I've not had any children so I can't blame it on that lol.
I think I'll go with your nanas reasoning Wannabe Skinnymini!
This happend to me too!
I always thought I was 5'1'' turns out I'm 5' 0'' How can I be so short!
Was 3lbs away from a healthy bmi, now I'm 6lbs away.
Healthy bmi is now 7st 4lbs - 9st 4lbs. New target is 8st 4lbs
The thing is my body doesnt wont to got below 8st 12lb, thats were I got stuck the first time that I tried SW x x
When I started I was 5ft 1, now... 4ft 11 3/4 inches! I've lost actual centimeters!!!! Grr! I believe its from losing the fat on my feet. Man I had fat feet before- clearly!
oooooooooh how freaky

I was 5ft 4.5 when I started SW and I remeasured a while ago and found I am now 5ft6 :bliss:, but I was so heavy in the first place that I must have been "squishing" my spine down :eek: -so as I lost weight I gained 1.5"
I think I prefer my result :p -for once -a number that we all want to be higher not lower :giggle:
All of this talk is making me think I should get measured. I'm 5' 3.5", I don't want to lose height but becoming magically taller would be good. Haha.
Random fact! Ur taller in the morning than u are at night due to effects of gravity, and unfortunately we can shrink as we get older due to decreasing bone and muscle density! X

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