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How others see you

Hi folks

Just pondering really, I got offered a new job today and am really excited about it. They offered me the job at the interview which has never happened to me before.:D
I am delighted as I thought that it was above and beyond my remit, but it has got me thinking......... I'm almost sure that I wouldn't have got it at my starting weight.....I am still fat, a long way to go yet but the extra confidence I felt wearing a size 16 Next suit had something to do with it I think. Has anyone else had the same? Do you find that people take you more seriously when you are thinner or am I totally paranoid lol?
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Congrats on the new job hun :) xx
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well done on getting the job :)

In answer to your question though, yes I do think that people take you more seriously and seem to think you are more competent when you are thinner - however in some ways I do think that that is also to do with the aura / manner that we give off .... maybe because the majority of us are more confident when we're slimmer??
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When I became normal weight for the 1st time in my life at 25 I noticed that young blokes particularly took me more seriously,however I certainly had the aura of confidence which Katie mentioned!
With people who know me well I feel that my weight has never been an issue with them, but being slimmer certainly gives me more confidence when meeting people for the 1st time.x


hoping for a good loss
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I am still hoooooge and fat and have a long way to go, but having lost 21lb I am feeling more confident in myself which in turn makes people take me more seriously I think - does that make sense?
im so much more confident! Im still 8 stone away from goal lol, butiv had my nails done, eyebrows done, hair coloured and i always wear makeup/do my hair, much more then i used to lol


loving life
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I have always been a confident person big or small but I am now 10st lighter and definatley feel I get treated differently in lot's of different situations. I am sure how we portray ourselves does have soemething to do with it but there is definately a judgement initially made with our physical appearance - only human nature I guess but it is annoying.

A big well done on getting the job. I can imagine the confidence you felt wearing that power suit. How great is that feeling. Hope you enjoy your new job xx.


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well done on getting the job, i feel a bit more confident loosing 21lb


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Wel I think everybody still see my as fat, no one see changes at my body. Only two, or three people that's my family. After losing 21 lbs, I think I got to lose allottt more so people will notice more the changes.

And nearly 30 lbs so I can lose that one size, because my clothes are fitting the same still.


Slimming down the aisle
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Think confidence will play a big part of it. But yeah, I do think the way you look will effect things too. I graduate uni this year and I'm determined to slim down for it just so that I look and feel more confident in myself for the millions of interviews I'll probably end up having. That said, I've done a LOT of barwork while I've been big, and that's generally a very looks orientated thing, but I'm good at it and that's what's got me into those jobs. So if you've got the gift of the gab it'll help to overcome that first impression that's based purely on looks.
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I have always felt I am judged because of my weight - people think we are lazy and some even think we are dirty (as in unclean!). Because of that I always feel like I should be apologising for things - if someone bumps into me - I say sorry because I am big and they are "normal!" I never give eye contact in certain situations and I will never walk into somewhere first - I hide behind my hubby! I do feel more confident when I have lost a couple of stone but I still think we live in a "sizeist" country and overweight people are definitely 2nd best! Shouldnt be like that, but it is - fact!

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Well Done on the job!

And yeah I definitely think people judge you, I just feel when people look at me they're like "dear god, its a hippo" and that's why I don't really go out anymore, but I think when you lose weight, however much, you do gain confidence and I think people will see you in a better light because of that confidence...if you know what I mean?

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