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How our Body shape and Build affects or size

Hi All

I find it bizarre that we all dream of being a certain size in our minds but it is all down to body shape and build.

During a convo with my Mum yesterday i was saying at 10stone i would be a size 10 but at 10.3 my mum is a size 16, its bizarre isn't it.

So all the so called Size Zero things must be a myth, am i being blonde here or correct.

I bought a size 12 dress yesterday.......ok its stretchy but the 16 and the 14 i tried on first hung off me.

Chuffed to bits tbh its a little morale booster anyways.

Love to you all keep glugging xxx
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Can hug her knees :)
it is really strange isnt it, I was 10.5 stone in year 10 at school, i felt so fat because all of my friends were pencil shaped and i had boobs and hips, stupid thing is I look back at those pics and I no way looked 10.5 stone, my sons god mother is an older woman ind is a really round shape and a larger lady she is only 3 or so inches shorter than me but at the same dress size weighs a good 2 stone less than me, I dont like scales, they have a lot to answer for :)


Can hug her knees :)
oh and really well done on the size 12 dress thats fab news xx
I don't get this either.
I am 5'8 and generally can fit into 16-18 when 14 stone, 14-16 when 13 stone,12-14 when 12 stone, 10-12 when 11 stone etc (never been below this).

Some people might think this is strange as i have a friend who is 10 stone but is size 14. It just depends on height i guess. I always thought I was 'big boned' (mostly because people said "you're not fat, you're just big boned" what a joke- i was FAT.

Also it depends what shops you go into. At 11stone i can wear size 10 tesco clothes but can't fit in dorothy perkins size 12 jeans. how weird. I have to stop looking at labels!
Labels and scales mean jack $hit in the matching stakes :D

I learnt this years ago

I have size 14 whistles trousers i can JUST about do up..... but am in size 12 Dorothy perkins work trousers no bother. Some shops really have no idea on sizes.

I just buy what suits now.

p.s im still a scales addict since buying some though *help :( *


Can hug her knees :)
I'm a scales addict too, not looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow at all because mine havent moved this week even though I know I have been 100% :( xx
yeah it is pretty weird, and one of the reasons why my friends never think Im fat (i dont tell them what i weigh) at 14 stone 4 when starting CD a month ago i was in 16-18 (friends guessing my weight all said 12 stone), I am now 13st 4 and yesterday managed to get into size 14 skinny jeans and bought a size 12 dress last week despite having big boobs. This makes people wonder why i would bother dieting as a 14 is fairly acceptable these days. I imagine when i get to 12 stone i will be in a 12/14 and 11stone a size 10 -12, I would still be overweight then so if i got to 10st 4 which is BMI of 25 for me (so still hardly a waif) I imagine I would be a size 8 -10 which would be tiny. But my mum is a size 8 (about 2 inches smaller than me) and weighs 8 stone. I imagine I would be wasting away at that weight even though wouldnt be underweight by BMI!
I am 5ft9 with a big tum and big bangers so even when I was 11 and a half stone I was a 14/16 on bottom and 18/20 tops, annoying thing is my legs and bum are much slimmer and I found it really hard to get comfy pants for waist which showed off my legs. I found it easier to wear skirts-that way covered up tum,but showed off legs.Can't wait to go and buy a load of trendy above the knee skirts again when at goal.
I'm a scales addict too, not looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow at all because mine havent moved this week even though I know I have been 100% :( xx
I agree with that i love my new scales but they have hardly moved this week too.

As for dress sizes i remeber i was wearing a size 18 when i was around 17 stone . i find it hard to guess wot size i will be when i lose weight cause i have big boobs which im sure weigh at least a stone hopig i'll lose most of them would love to be a c or d cup!
Glad i am not the only one who is confuzzled by this then My Mum is 5ft and i am 5ft 4, so i suppose this is where the difference is.

Mrs T i have Big Bangers too though they have shrunk from a G cup to a D (which is where i want them to stay). If they disappear i will get one of those bra's that seem to have a lilo LOL in the cup.

Muchas Lovas xx

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