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How Personal Is Your Goal?

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
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I'm just wondering how personal you view your goal weight?

I have set mine, at a healthy bmi but not too close to the edge... ;)

I have set stone 'markers' in the past (you know not going over 'X' stones..) and feel that this weight is 'do-able' for my height to say I'm not going over 10 stone.. So will be in the 9 stone range.. I can't imagine this in honesty but this is my goal.

I haven't told anyone 'real' about this though, not even my hubby, he knows I want to see this through and that i'm looking toward finishing around the summer but I feel a bit weird about not telling him. I was 11 and a half stone when we met and felt slim but honestly I still had hang ups about clothes etc.

I just want to lose and let him find out where I'm happy. :) When I get there I'm hoping that he'll be happy for me and understand :) Just hope he doesn't honestly think I'm too skinny! lol
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Purple it is personal for sure. Don't worry about hubby, men never know what we weigh anyhow. If I told people that care about me that I want to weigh 10stone they'd be horrified. At the end of the day as long as we are healthy AND happy, that is what counts xx


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I use to not tell anyone my weight etc... but since i started CD i have told my husband my current weight, my losses and my goal weight.

I have told other realtives my goal weight (10 stone) but not my current weight but everyone says you will be too skinny at 10 stones why dont you stop at 12 stone, you have had 4 children etc etc...

I just want to be at a size i feel good at and healthy but 12 swtone does not take me under the ideal BMI!

My cdc said its also about your waist measurement. It should be at least 1/2 your height.

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
S: 13st5.5lb C: 12st13lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 0st6.5lb(3.47%)
The waist measurement is a pretty good way of working things out.. I do sometimes think that BMI's seem a bit low.. but then my mindset for years ignored the fact I was overweight! So who am I to judge really?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.. hubby does know what I weigh as has 'put up with me' dieting for a fair amount of time. I don't mind him knowing and he is very encouraging these days - not always been the case, so I think he's really responding to my firm resolve. :)
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I dont think I will ever be able to maintain my weight if I aim for low end of bmi. I have been 10.3 before and felt quite comfortable there so I am aiming for 10. When I was 10.3 I always said I will never go over 10.7 whoops lol


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I aim to maintain around 10 and a half - hit 11 2 at the weekend so am back on plan, as I am going for surgery in a couple of weeks, so need to have a bit in hand so to speak. I work on I won't go over 11 stone - and when I did i took immediate action!!!


Stubborn tortoise
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I would like to be 11 stone. I was 9st 7lb for years in my pre-kids days, but don't think that is realistic any more. The 11 stone zone, now I am finally in it (at the very top end, but still) feels like a great place to be. At 11st, I would have a healthy bmi & be a good weight for my height, and would look & feel slim, I think.
A friend (very overweight, queen of diets but never keeps the weight off) has already told me I have gone too far and will start to look 'drawn'... er, I don't think so!!! My OH thinks she just doesn't like that I am slim now, and I think there is a grain of truth in that. Tricky, huh?
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I keep changing! To get within a healthy bmi I'd have to be 11stone ish. That means another 3 stone down. But I'm starting to wear size 12s now so I can't help but think 3 stone more might be a bit much. Plus I had my bone density measured and it's higher than the normal range for my age, and I have massive hands and feet and wrists, which I take to mean I've got a big bone structure.. It probably contributes to meaning that I am heavy for my size/height.

So I'm taking it stone by stone rather than being guided by bmi. I'll 'know' when I'm a happy weight. At the moment my body fat percentage is 4% off normal, which fits because I'm guessing I have maybe 2 stone to lose?

Basically what I'm saying is listen to your own body and stop when you're comfortable with your size. That speaks far more than your weight!

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
S: 13st5.5lb C: 12st13lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 0st6.5lb(3.47%)
:) I am only just coming to realise how short I am.. my top BMI weight is in the 10 stone range, I have always thought this to be mad. By aiming for middle of the bmi range for healthy I figure I have a little room for those naughty days! ;) just not too many of them! lol I really will have a lot to learn along the way as portion size.. well I won't go into that here, but it ain't right for my height! Realisation is a big thing. :)

As for friends saying you will look drawn.. definately sounds like jealousy to me! ;) Good luck all of you getting to your goals :)


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*** Alarm Bells ***

When you said ' your waist measurement should be at least 1/2 your height ' did you mean that as a maximum ? I'm 5ft 7 and I don't want a 33.5 inch waist ......I want to be slimmer than that !!


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don't know tbh! I put 10stone as that reaches my heighest BMI range.

I just want to feel comfy in clothes, its been fab having a new wardrobe (although only jeans new everything esle dug out from the darkest depths) I am in size 14 tops now and 16 jeans, but I am such a pear shape, I still look and feel massive around my hips and bum:cry:

Hubby is very supportive and keeps me going strong, when I was having a bad week with being ill, he was like, when your ready you'll get back on track, you know it works aww!

I haven't really told anyone not even hubby what I would like to be BUT in a way, I would love to be late 8's early 9's!! I see people on here same height and think they look fab! I won't to look like that too


Stubborn tortoise
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You know one of the best things about CD? It's like having a new wardrobe without having to buy one, because all your clothes look better... and things that haven't fitted in years are suddenly OK! I'm wearing a little chiffony skirt I haven't fitted into for 7 years, today, and I feel great... gotta be good!


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At the moment, my goal is to be at the same weight I was when I was the most fit (not the slimmest) in my life. I'm not sure I'll be able to do it, but I'm going to at least make the effort.

I may find that I get to a point before that where I'm comfortable, but we'll see. It's been a very long time since I've been even "overweight" let alone a normal weight.


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i need to get to 12 stone 6 to be within the healthy BMI range. i would like to get to 12 stone exactly so i have half a stone or so before i am in the overweight category! i dont know what size i'll be as i have never been less that 100 kilos that i can remember (15 stone 10) and i was a size 18 then...im hoping i'll be a confortable size 12, that would be a dream. i guess just listen to your body and you will know when it's enough. although i personally think the BMI range is rubbish, doesn't take into account body frame and muscle mass!
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heya i want to get down to 9 stone wich is 20 bmi for me as im 5ft6 but this is because i dont mind putting on 7 pounds and ending up 9st7 but i dont want to get to 9st7 and put on sevan pounds and end up ten excetra. but if i do get to a stage i like before 9st i will stop. alot of ppl dont like the idea of me being 9 stone wich is proberly be because i havent been bellow 12 stone since i was about 11


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I am lucky i guess that my OH likes a bigger woman! and i only want to get down to a size 14 where i was a few years ago when i was really happy and i looked soo good. For that i need to lose about 4 1/2 stone which i think is achievable! Of course there are days when i want to get down to a size 8 but i think that is a bit unrealistic and a weight i would find too hard to maintain.


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Getting to my goal weight is another step in the healing process of overcoming a very abusive relationship I've been in for 1,5 years.

Losing this weight takes away a big part of the influence he still had on me. Because I was unable to control my emotions I ate and ate.. and ate. The problems with my emotions were his fault. He broke me and with me my emotions.

I've overcome him. I am stronger and better than he is. My emotions are mine again.

(Hope I didn't misunderstand this topic)


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
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I've set myself a goal of 10 stone. But to be honest, the stones arn't the problem for me. I just want to wear nice clothes and feel good in them. For me its definitely a confidence issue. When I feel good it shows, and I want to feel like that again.


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I haven't got a goal weight in mind but got a pair of jeans I have kept I used to wear just before I fell pregnant with my first child so once I can get into them and can walk around without feeling that my blood supply is being cut off then I will stop.
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Most definitely it is a secret for me. I want to be high 8s low 9s. I haven't been that since I was 10. I thin realistically I would be happy as a size 12 but would love to be an 8 or a 10.

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