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How quickly can you get into Ketosis?

Good luck with your restart!

I restarted last Sunday and was in ketosis by Wednesday.


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I don't really know the answer to your question, but just wanted to say, I'm much the same. I don't seem to get hungry really, even on day 1 or 2. But I get the head hunger sometimes!
Whats the tell tale signs?
I am soooo new to this, and yet to set up my profile totally, recommended by my private consultant and really desperate!!
Really feel like giving up but determined not to, tell me something good!! lol
Hi Caroline, the head hunger is there most of the time for me, always try not to think about the diet but spend most of my time thinking about food.

Thanks Jelly Tot I really hope this is it and not just some false sense of security thing.

Hey Skinnywrist, generally it is not feeling hungry, not weeing as much and the horrible headachey not really feeling yourself thing is gone. How long have you been on the diet? Try to get your profile sorted and you will find people will give you lots of advice and encouragement, I would say if it has been less than two weeks then really do try and stick with it because if you can push through those then it does get so much easier. And always remember that this plan is not Sole Source or nothing, there are 6 plans, if SS is too hard try SS+, the losses are so similar, it is worth doing a higher plan rather than coming off all together. I have had two re-starts that haven't worked, I am trying new things this time, like I have been writing in a diary exactly how I am feeling so that when it gets hard I can look at the easy times to see what was motivating me. Take pictures too, it is so easy to avoid mirrors but if you feel like giving up look at the picture and think, "is that how I want to stay"?. Hope that helps.


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It can sometimes be less than three days - I've managed it in about 36 hours before, it just depends how much glycogen you have stored. Good luck
Thanks Chika, I have a bit of light headedness but that is it. Lets hope it is here early.
You generally feel cold when you're in ketosis ---- or as I feel today very very cold!
I think it is definately here today, at start of day three and have already lost 7 pounds. I can't actually believe it. Brilliant motivation to get me through this first week.
7lbs in three days - WOW !!!

Well done and keep up the good work :)
Thank you, I am totally shocked by it, I may be one of those people that gets close to a stone in the first week, that would make me very happy.

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