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How serious are you?


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I am so deadly serious about getting the weight off this time and keeping it off once I'm at target, and the way I feel right now, nothing is going to throw me off track. I've been on SW (this time around) since 1st October and have lost 3 stone... 7 to go and I know it's going to be a long haul, but by Christmas I want the angels singing the praises of my new shape LOL

It set me to wondering what has made me so serious about it this time? Why have I 'played around' for so long pretending to lose weight. I'm sure you know what I mean.

So I am 100% committed to shifting the bulk this time.

How serious are you about getting to target?
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ive gotta say im with you... im not really sure what size i wanna be so my 1st goal is 180lb as its been so long since i have been thin i cant remember but im so determined im 200% gonna do this, im changing my life in so many ways this year and i want my body change to be apart of that. 2009 is my year.!!
Hi, ive been over weight for 7 years and during that time have tried diet after diet. The diets work I just cant seem to stick to them I last 6 weeks then stuff my face for twice as long convince myself im happy, then get depressed about it all over again!!! This time round my head is in the right place I want to loose weight so i can stop using it as an excuse not to do things. I recently split from my husband and want to start dating again which is another incentive. I also want to look after my body better for my daughters sake. Im 3 weeks in to SW ive tried WW, atkins, W8 and for the first time I dont feel like im on a diet and my eating habits are changing for the better im determined this time to see it through.


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I have never been so determined to lose all my excess weight and get to target as I am now.
Why? not really sure,maybe coz I have just about had enough of getting fatter and fatter as each year goes by,maybe coz this plan is so easy and gets good results,maybe coz I am not depriving myself of anything,if I want it I am in control and have have it.
I will suceed this time and keep it off for good,this forum is key to the whole thing along with having a fantastic group leader who texts you during the week if your having a hard time,answers texts and emails .we will all make it if we remain positive, I can see the slimmer me already :553:


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I want it so desperately this time I just want the weight to melt away LOL.

I'm tired of being 'the fat mum' at school. I was the fat mum with my two older kids, now 23 and 18 and I'm still the fat mum with my youngest (3) I don't want to be the fat mum anymore!


Reached Target. woohoo
As you may know i'm a target member and i was so committed to losing it this time, I decided on the Saturday that "this is it, iv'e had enough and I'm going to lose weight" I knew it was SW I was going to do and went on the internet that very minute and found a local class that fitted in with my work hours. I went on my own on the following Tuesday night, normally I would of been a nervous wreck going somewhere like that alone but I wasn't and from that moment on i was so focused and It payed off. It was the best decision I have made. Nothing was going to make me waver for things I knew wouldn't help me lose weight, I worked at being at target for xmas but if it went over then so be it. I reached target before xmas and the feeling of acheivement is wonderful, I'm lucky as I haven't found it a struggle to do. It has to be in your head before you can go on any plan. xxx


Vegetarian who lives2eat
Loobylou, just looked at your before and after photos,OMG you look fantastic,what a good job and didnt take you long either,with people loke you still staying on the forum it will help others get to where you are now,many thanks


Gone fishing
This thread reminded me of a post I did elsewhere

Are you determined to lose the weight, or just interested in losing some weight?

If you are just interested in losing weight:

You'll stick to it until something better comes along.
You'll manage it only when you feel like doing it
You'll blame circumstances for it failing.
You'll give up the moment you face a challenge

With determination

You'll stick with it no matter what
You'll do it whether you want to or not
You'll keep going despite the setbacks and challenges it presents.



No Coffee, No Workee
I'd love to say that I'm absolutely deadly serious about it this time - and at the moment, I am. But I know that I've been here before. :(

It's all too easy for me to start out being deadly serious and then end up saying "Oh f*** it." when a hurdle (Christmas, Easter, my birthday, whatever) comes along. I haven't quite mastered sticking to it no matter what, and I wish I knew the secret. :sigh:
Somehow, in the last month a switch has gone off in my head that says now I can do it, so i will. Don't know what's happened, but before Christmas I was kind of trying, but very half hearted. Now I'm so in the zone it's ridiculous, and for some reason I know I can do it now, so I will. Crazy! But very cool!
I am 100% sure I will lose my weight this time. I have been overweight for as long as I can remember and certainly all the time I have been a Mum. My youngest is 21 this month, so thats a lot of years !
I would like to reach target this year but am not setting myself up to fail so as long as I lose each week I will be happy. I will not falter though until I am at goal and looking how I long to look.
I think there comes a point when we all say enough is enough and get to it and for me it is now :)
Good luck everyone, we can do this


Where's Skinny Minnie?
I really think this forum goes a long way towards maintaining engagement and focus. My class is once a week and during that hour it's easy to be enthusiastic but it's logging on here that does the same for me the other days.

The main trigger for me was turning 30 and still not being slim, despite having lost lots of weight I'd kind of levelled off because a 16 was so much smaller than a 24 and I think the total commitment had gone.
Since starting SW I've lost enough to start buying size 14s, something I haven't done since I was in my teens. That was my push. Do I want to be overweight but at least I'm not as fat as I was forever? Nope I want to be a size 10 and be able to go out confident in whatever I'm wearing instead of having to try on 10 different outfits and still feel like a lump in all of them.
To be able to throw on jeans and a plain vest top and be slender enough to look great in something that basic is my target. I don't want to get old and never have been slim and happy with my figure. I joined a week after my 30th and want it done and dusted before my 31st x


Reached Target. woohoo
Loobylou, just looked at your before and after photos,OMG you look fantastic,what a good job and didnt take you long either,with people loke you still staying on the forum it will help others get to where you are now,many thanks
Thanks eye6769, I have done it with the help of this fab forum, the support, tips and recipes are excellent and I feel like iv'e made great friends along the way. xxx
It's people like you looby, that us longtermers look to for inspiration. :D

You've done so well, you must be so proud of yourself


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I'm determined to make it this time! Last year with ups and downs resulted in a grand total of HALF A POUND! How pathetic is that? I know I can do it and this time it's just GOT to work!

Impressive stats Looby! Well done.
Yes ive been on the plan for four weeks now- and im determined as i ever will be i think. So this time im just going for it! I'm in agreement too that this site plays a mojor part in motivation and keeping us on track!
Well done Looby- a fantastiv achievement!

Not sure if this is a 'women only' forum, or if I'm just the only man here!

I started SW in 2002 and lost 10 stone during that year. Then, if 2003/2004 due to a few issues with the now ex-girlfriend, managed to put half of it back on again.

In mid-2004 I met my now wife and felt completely confident and managed to lose it all again - plus more ready for my wedding in Greece in mid-2006. I got down to losing 11.5 stone, and felt completely amazing!

I managed to maintain my weight for a while, but then it started creeping back on again. In 2007 I booked a holiday to America (in August so It'd be hot!) so, yet again, I lost the weight and promised myself that I'd never put it back on again.

That promise didn't stick, and now I sit here typing only to have lost 4.5 stone, feeling sh!t!

I joined back to SW and feel motivated, but am just extremely daunted (again!) at the task ahead of me - especially as I have a few things that I need to be slimmer for this year. I go to Santorini, Greece in May (where I got married); a wedding on 01 August; and a 2 week holiday to America from 02 August.

I want to lose as much as I can, ideally 6 stone, in 6 months. I have the want, and indeed the desire, to get it back off again as I know how good it feels to be 'slim'; however, as I said above, I'm daunted by the massive task ahead of me, which I feel could make me fail.

So, after all my rambling on, I am very serious about losing weight, and hope to do it!

Thanks for reading!

Hey Mark

This certainly isn't a womens only forum although I do think we outnumber you men!! Have a look round - there are a few posts from men that have done incredibly well on SW so they may inspire you.

Well you know you can loss weight having done it before so that's a good start - you obviously have the will power there! 6 stone in 6 months does sound challenging but i do think you could do it or get so very very close!

There is loads of support and advice going here so just shout if you need anything - including a kick up the bum!!

Good luck
Hi Mark, good to have you on board. The more men on the forum the merrier ;) There are a few blokes around, but don't post as often as us gossipy women LOL

Your your weight on/off sounds like me, but you've proven you can do it and I'm sure you can do it again. If you need a kick up the bum from time to time, I have a very large boot that i post occasionally for those who ask for it ;)

Get yourself posting on the main forum, and you might want to start a weight loss diary up at the top of the forum main board.

Welcome aboard :D


Over half way to target
Brilliant thread.
Like many, although I am determined 100% that this is it, 'this is it' has happened before and I've either given up, or got to target then out it back on. I can't say whether this time will be different, I certainly hope so. I started just after my 39th birthday in July 08 and hope to be done by my 40th. Then the hard bit - maintaining....