How slow can you go?


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Hy guys - I know we all lose weight at different rates, but I'm just wondering are there any super-sluggish losers here?

I've been following Exante TS for 4 1/2 wks now, and have lost only about 3/4s of a stone... If even that (only my 2nd time weighing since I started).

It's a bit disheartening as I could probably be on a regular diet and lose at the same rate.
Is everyone else averaging a stone per month??
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Hi Mollybloom. I'm currently waiting for my exante to arrive and im excited to start. I was on Weight watchers previously and was very sluggish on it, although after going through my diary of food, i did used to pop quite a few food bits in my mouth without really thinking about it and it impacted on any weight lost a lot. perhaps re-read the exante website see if they have any advice? Well done for doing it so far though! I'm reading everyone's tales for inspiration and motivation!!:)


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Firstly well done on your loss, if you hadnt started a diet you would still be carrying that weight around :) Also, not sure but if you lose slower on VLCD your losses on another diet might be even slower still. Its all in the right direction so keep ur chin up xxx


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I've just done my 3 week weigh in and altogether I've only lost 9lbs I was pretty sad but I've given myself a good talking to and decided this is still good! My Bmi is 26 I'm aiming to get it to 25 and take it from there! I need to lose another 18 lbs to do this.
I'm sure my losses will pick up again, just debating if exercise will make me stall or not!
Stick with it though even if it's slow it's coming off! :)


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Thanks for the support girlies. It's just a flippin nightmare when you go to such extreme lengths with a diet like this and don't see the tangible results!!

You're dead right Babystar, it's all going in the right direction anyway. I was home in Ireland over the weekend and knew I could rely on my mum to make a big fuss over my losses. It gave me a good boost!

People have also (at last) started to comment in work so feck it. Chin up and on I go!

Good on ya Lil - you'll get there no bother!!



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How much water are you drinking? Sometimes if you drink too much fizzy stuff (coke zero) you stall - I limit myself to 1 can a day and don't count it in my 4 litres. Drink drink drink!! You could be retaining fluid! Also the closer you get to BMI of 25 the weight loss will slow. I am personally struggling to get back into it after 2 weeks of mucking around (put on 2lbs). Its a nightmare, hey ho I've still lost 12lbs!!

Well done on the loss so far, get the water poured down yer neck and jeep up the good work!!


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I suppose it depends on how much you have to loose. The most I lost on ww was 1lb a week and i really stuck to it, here Ive lost 3.5 lb 3.5 lb and 5lb. i didnt do anything different in the last week either. Im also not drinking anywhere near enough


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I'm drinking 3 litres of water a day and most days I'll have one coke zero / dr pepper zero.

I've got 2-3 stone to lose ... Haven't fixed a definite goal for myself. So there should be some easier losses at this stage... Guess everyones different.

What's the story with the water? If I drink more do I lose more?? Does it really work that way??

cat (in hat)

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im coming up to the end of my first 4-week block and my weightloss has been very erratic.

even though i seem to have lost a stone during week 1 and 2 - i have lost nothing since... (even gained a small amount i think, despite starting my exercise during the last 2 weeks - at least 40min fast walk 5 days / week and 3 x 45min swim / week)

im worried that my metabolism is really bad, and that its just not gonna work for me... :-(

gonna do aam-week and see if something happens after that, but if its still like this by the time the next pack runs out i have to come up with something else.


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Cat (in hat).
My weight loss has been variable as well. In fact this last week I've been up and down and all over the place. I have a wii and the balance board weighs me each day. I was feeling really disheartened as I was the same weight yesterday as the previous Friday.

However, today it has finally rewarded me with a 2lb loss. Our bodies go through cycles so it is completely normal that our weight loss reflects this. The only difference I can see is that I drank no coffee, tea or Dr Pepper Zero and only had water, plus my packs, yesterday.

A slow metabolism is very rare. It's more likely your body goes through similar cycles to mine.

If you are on TS and haven't had even a smigden of anything else, and have drunk the right amount of water each day, you will see results. Also don't drink too much coffee, tea, Coke/Dr Pepper Zero or any of the "allowed" drinks.

You are doing exercise, so I know how frustrated you must be.

Another good way to judge is by measurements. Take your measurements for bust, waist, hips, thighs and see if they change. Mine have been shrinking even when I haven't been losing weight according to the scales. I can only hope that some of the weight that was previously fat is now muscle and that weighs more.

You're already lighter than you previously were, and you will get off this little plateau you are on. Hang in there.


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I am really bad with water not had any this week just dr peppers and am still losing. But i do think that you must have 2L of water a day. I will be making sure I have that much water evey day next week.