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How Snowy are You today?


loving minimins!
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I'm in London, and it is snowing heavily right now!!! All buses are cancelled, tubes are mostly cancelled and the ones that are running are few and far between. I am a teacher and school is closed for the day.....its crazy! But I am loving my first real experience with snow, bout to go have a shower and get organised to go play in the snow :)
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WOOHOO my boss just called me and told me to take a snow day!!!! She lives just around the corner from me and her neighbour just crove down the bottom of our hill just to be sent back by the police as it's to slippy. He then had to actually physically push his car back up the hill with the help of 2 builders as it was to slippy to get it up on its own!:eek:
I grew up in the north of scotland and it took 6ft of snow to stop people going anywhere, come to the south of england and you have a couple of inches and the whole world comes to a standstill!!! lol.


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No school for my daughter today, we have a covering of snow but it only looks to be an inch or so thick! It's stopped snowing, but was snowing lightly earlier.

No doubt the kids will be fighting soon....


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There's about 8" of snow where i am in south east London, no buses, most tube lines suspended and i cant tell which is my car outside!! No work for any of us today by the looks of it. I am a receptionist in a hospital and my colleague who worked last night cant get home as he travels by bus.

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I grew up in the north of scotland and it took 6ft of snow to stop people going anywhere, come to the south of england and you have a couple of inches and the whole world comes to a standstill!!! lol.
I lived in Dundee for 5 years and apart from buses getting stuck and having to walk home everything carried on.. even the milkman had a 4x4 pick up.. something I wondered about till the first snowfall when he was at my door as I was digging out the pathways to ask if I needed any shopping (messages) lol He had bread, milk, potatoes the lot! lol

Well.. as for us in Wales, we have had a tiny amount not even enough to cover the grass but it's frozen so hubby was a good lad and got out gritting the pavement on route to school (downhill). :) Bless him :)
I haven't been out yet i booked the week off work thankfully as last time it snowed and we had 3 inches it took 2 hours to get to work (normally 45 mins at most). There is around 5 or more inches at the min and still snowing.

I used to live in Portsmouth so never really got more than an inch of snow since moving to Leeds I've had at least 3 times where there has been more than 3 inches its well fun :D


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Can't wait for the second snowfall which is forecast for later today.
Kids off from school, no London buses or trains. For the first time in years, we have proper snow.
Photos from Hampton, West London.


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Very snowy here in North London. No buses and not much traffic on the roads so I'm told.

Lovely to hear the kids enjoying themselves.
Don't think I've seen it like this since I was a child.
My 19 year old has just become 9 years old again, she was outside at 2am this morning and again at 9am.


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I live near Portsmouth and this is the first snow that has settled for ages. Played bumper cars with someone on my way to work though, they have not gritted much round here


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Well snowed up in suffolk, no school buses, all schools closed. but not much more than 2 inches but still snowing well......kids love it
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And I have none, it can be rather boring living in Devon at times.

We're ment to be having a snow fall this afternoon but it's blazing sunshine now. I've even turned the heating off as it's so warm, I might even hang some washing out!
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4 inches here, 25 miles outside of Manchester and its still snowing...woohoo.....more forecast for tonight and tomorrow. Not at work today and wont make it in tomorrow either if the snow falls like its forecast. The buses stop and everything comes to a halt lol
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been snowing since yesterday afternoon here on and off, still coming! Thought I would have fun playing outside burning off the calories lol, then got lightheaded??

No school, no work, ahhhh lovely


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Its snowing in Taunton in Somerset - I am so excited. My boss however drives a 4x4 and said "don't fret everyone, I will pick you all up if it gets thick in the morning" you can imagine our response........................:mad:

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