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How stupid am I?

Oh dear. This morning I didn't have my shake first thing as I had decided to split my tetra and have some yummy cooffee mochas for breakfast and lunch at work and then have a soup and a moose ( yep- I'm getting mix a mpoose - can't wait) for puds as a treat as its Valentines day.
So I get to work and have forgtotten mky tertra.

Have now had to have something and had a 10 calorie soup (Chicken- lovely but probably not allowed!)

What do you do if you forget your Cambridge?

Strangely, I was not at all hungry but felt I shouod put something in or I'll get a head ache!
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MUST get a grip
I leave a bar at work for emergencies, failing that I would have probably had a couple of cups of T & coffee and made it with milk???? I seem to be able to go along time now without eating so I'dve probably got by, but I'm now on 5th week.
I dont think the soup would have been that bad - good thing you had that and not a large filled baguette...... Yummy xx


Needs a flattering photo
I have done that a couple of times, as I am a bit of a dozy mo at times. I've just drunk plenty, and had tea or coffee to make me feel like I;ve had something a bit more. Then tried to leave work a bit earleir and gone home for a feast!!!


Needs a flattering photo
good plan re keeping a stash at work!!
Hopefully the soup shouldn't have done much damage.If it only has 10 calories it can't have much carb in it.Try drinking plenty of water just in case.
Luckily I live near enough to work to pop home,but bless Clare,the organised person who keeps a spare at work,come and organise me sometime hun!!!
I dont think the soup would have been that bad - good thing you had that and not a large filled baguette...... Yummy xx[/quote]

:D:D - I'm absolutely sure my 10 cal soup was far more scrumptious than a nasty carb, fatty -freshly baked, salad filled, bagette...
stop it ! ( slap self on wrist!):sigh:
well done on that option. In tha past when I have forgotton, I've downed extra water and coffee. May try keeping a bar for emergencies though.


MUST get a grip
LOL Susan - I know I'm a sad cow, I was never ever organised before either...... hahahahah

Wats funny is that everyday the young boy from warehouse comes up and says...
''U still aint eaten your chocolate - I'll 'av it if ya dont want it!!!!''

...... Re mentioning the fat/carb laden baguette :eatdrink023::eatdrink023::eatdrink023: Why did I do that??????????????????
I find bars really moreish, but you can spread them over a period of time. I've been keeping a tetra in my car for starving emergencies!
Like the idea of keeping a tetra in the car. I went out shopping the other day and was longer than I thought didn't get my first shake till I got home at 2.30, wish I'd had a tetra in the car.
Yup! Good tips here. Think I'll stash tetras ( and bars when I've tried them if I like them!) allover the place as I'm such a dozey mare!

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