How Stupid am i?


Hi All,
Dont know why but i seem to have a real problem with day 3, get to day 3 then fail again, this is my 2nd attempt at it, reached day 3 again today, had 2 shakes 3lts of water then stuffed myself AGAIN, have called my CDC who was really suppotive, have any of you experienced this problem?? any advise gladly recieved:confused:
Hiya Shazzer

My advice is definately do 790 instead of SS.

790 is a much softer programme with the same sort of weight losses and is definately overlooked as people think SS is the only answer.

With 790 you get that little evening meal which stops some of the psychological bits of SS.

I would talk over the 790 programme with your counsellor and see if you can move over and see how you get on.

Take care

i have done CD before & once i got past the first 4 days, i didn't feel hungry, it's just the first few days i need to get though, I KNOW I CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!
Hey Sharon

Glad to see you came on here, as I told you on the phone, put today behind you - call me tomorrow and come by and see me as soon as you can, we are all here to help - honest and you know you can do this.

Mike is so right and I have several people on the 790 plan, many of who use this site too, I will put you in touch with a couple of them and you will be able to chat to them.
Keep smiling and keep talking both on here and to me, together you know we can do this

Aideen :)