How stupid am I!!!!


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I had just cooked a loaf of bread for my 2yr old daughter and my brother. I was sitting at the table (as my daughter was having dinner) with a pint of water like i always do when my daughter has dinner and she offered me a small 2cm by 2cm bit of homecoked freash (still warm) bread and without thinking a ate it!!!!

I feel so stupid i wasn't hungry but as soon as i swallowed it i relised what i had done. I have my weigh in 2moro (its my 3rd week) will this effect my weight loss. and will it knock me out of ketosis??

Sorry to go on but i'm so angry with myself, i'm not lookin for sympothy as what done is done
On your third week I really don't think it will make any difference. Your ketosis should be really firm by now, and a tiny bit of carbs is unlikely to be the end of the world. And I doubt it will have any effect on your weight loss. The only problem I can see is you being tempted to do it again, and from what you say I don't think you will.
Its such a small amount I really dont think it will knock you out. Even if it did it would be for about 1hr, so dont worry. Our LLC told us that everytime we have a food pack/bar we go out of ketosis for a short time, but because it is such a small ammount of carb, it wont be enough to "refill "the glycogen stores or contribute significantly to your stores, so dont worry, but do look on this as a learning experience to show you how easily we can "eat without thinking!!"
Oh Jo - you aren't stupid!! :rolleyes: You are human!! :D

I'm no expert but I'd have thought you will be just fine.

What impresses me is your incredible willpower to bake the stuff and not eat it in the first place!!!!:eek: :eek: :eek:

(don't think I could do that!! HUGE temptation fresh baked bread... !) So... well done on that for a start off and nah, I wouldn't worry about it. It was a miniscule-teensy-weensy-itsy-bitsy slip and you'll be just fine I'm sure.:D