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How tge hell- please stop me raiding the cupboard!



Doing it exante style :)
My gym mr told me that drinking 500mls of water makes a gain of half a pound. That's why you should only weigh in the morning. Says me who weighed 13.04 this am and just been on after my shower too and weighed 13.7!!!!
Take no notice of it Hun. Now step away from the scales and cupboards xx

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Water seeps into your body as you shower but unlikely 3lbs, but we do weigh less in the morning. STOP weighing yourself, you'll end up driving yourself crazy and could self-sabotage. I bet you'll weigh less again in the morning. Ditch the scales, hide them - no need to weigh more than once a week. Our weight fluctuates during the day. Weigh same time, same day each week, first thing in the morning, and you'll see a more accurate figure :)


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hah you shouldn't weigh THAT often!!!

twice in the same day is farrr too much, just stick with every few days if you can't wait a week :p
Thanks guys I know I'm a serial weigher!
sorry miss carly :hide: i will step away from the scales like a good shell :innocent0002:


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My very wise and wonderful sister tells me

a pint of water weighs a pound and a quarter.......

so, if you had anything to drink then along with wet hair and water infused skin after said shower, you will weigh more!

Stick with the first weigh in of the morning and don't weigh twice in one day (unless, as Cybill said, she has done it out of curiosity to see how her body fluctuates during the day).

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