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How the weight goes on


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The last few weeks have been extremely stressful what with one thing or another, finished off with my birthday (not stressful, but very drink and food-filled ;)) but it's been useful.

I've realised that little by little, I've changed my attitude to what's shown on the scales - and it's not good. First of all it was 56kgs (at the end of last year) that was the big bad. Then 56 was okay but 56.5 wasn't. Then 57 and so on. Now I'm at 58.7kgs when my original goal - which I hit - was 55.5. That's half a stone or thereabouts over my goal of two years ago. If I don't stop it, I'll have put on all that I lost and probably more.

It made me realise, when people say "How did you get so big?", they never understand that it's little acceptances that over time grow into one big problem. A packet of crisps or so leading to an extra couple of hundred grams may seem like nothing at the time, but that's now 3KGS over my target.

Even this morning, I thought to myself "Well, it's not 59kgs", which was when I kicked myself up the derriere. And so I'm back on the wagon and my mindset is feeling good.

Hello for the umpteenth time!
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I am in such a similar situation.
I reached target last year, lost 5 stones and then 6 months ago, I went back to work, stopped going to group etc etc.
It was fine up until xmas and then bad habits started to come back. I 'allowed' myself some flexibility, mainly because I was so tired, with working full time and having 3 kids.
At work, becuase no-one knew me before, they kept telling me how tiny I am. However, I knew that this gradual increase would be the start of a really horrible slide back into being overweight again.

So...I went back to group on Thursday and I am so happy that I did. I will not let it beat me and I will get back to target!

Good luck - you can do it, and well done for taking positive action!


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Little things... butter on toast (it's only one slice) not counting the biscuits, cakes at work, grabbing "unauthorised" cereal bars instead of a banana (well, it's the same calories right?) Not planning meals and having a take away.....

It soon creeps on.

Let's all join in Harrie's kick up the bum and shift this weight!!


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*Lisa gives Harrie a well meaning kick up the bottom and turns round to wait for hers*

I'm so the same- the whole 'one won't hurt' attitude has got me in such trouble before

I wonder how people who have never needed to diet manage to stop themselves going over the top?


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Oh me too.

I've had a terrible weekend again. OK not disasterous (well i hope not - soon find out on weigh day) but not good either.

I don't know how we become so complacent. Its scary and even tho we know what we are doing (i don't sleep walk to the biscuit tin) we seem to have no control (sometimes). Or we just don't seem to care in that split second it takes to eat a digestive biscuit.

Crazy. Crazy. CRAZY.

I need a boot up my big bum too...
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this is how i was thinking about the weight gain , its only a little gain and then i upped a size in jeans and then my Dad died and i went from not eating at all to eating anything and then followed by a long course of steriods for asthma it rolled me up to my original weight ......why the hell did i do it!!!!!!!!!!! i will get to target and continue to go once amonth after this time, life is but a learning curve eh!


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Oh this is very true!
Also for me I do lots of cooking at home and work and I just "try" things and THEN eat my lunch/dinner! It's like cos it's not on a plate and I've not sat down to eat it then it's calorie free!!!! DOH


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jaylou is so right, its little thing that pile the weight on. during 2009 we had quite a stressful time, and we didn't eat badly, quite the opposite, we ate rather too well.!! I planned and made home cooked meals and puddings each day, only they were the full fat/cream/sauces/cakes and baked yummies, with homemade fresh bread daily. chocolate bars here and there between meals and before you know it 1lb by 1lb i was 2.5st over weight!
It all adds up, odd piece of cheese when grating some for the dinner, odd bit of toast cos im hungry waiting for dinner to cook, 4 rounds of toast butter and dripping in honey for breakfast! soon causes a tubby *honey *sigh*

My mate though has the total opposite problem, it takes here as long to put on any weight as i do tp remove it. She eats all manor of stuff and still cant gain.


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you thread is so so true. I remember when I was 10.10 and thinking I was excessively fat - then I accepted 11 stones with the comment of 'I will never allow myself to go over 12 stones' - my boss at the time was 12.3 and I used to think - how could she let herself go? - then I became 12 stones and 12 stone 10 and then 13 stones - and all of a sudden I realised that I was very close to 14 stones - OK this was over a 10 to 12 year period, but like you say, it just happens UNLESS you do soemthing about it.

I have slimmed in between losing a stone - losing a stone and half but always putting it back on and then a bit a more.

THIS time I feel it is different - I really hope so - I am into 10 stones again - and ideally would love to be bang on 10 stones - I am struggling but feel more in control than I have ever done.

Thank you for this post - it's a kick up the bum I needed this weekend to stay on track and hopefully lose a pound or two this week.

Good luck to you and everyone else following the plan.


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This is all so true, I had lost just over 5 1/2 stone in Jan 2010 - stopped going to class and within a year had piled over 3 stone back on.

2010 did involve moving in with my boyfriend who I was trying to impress with puddings lol and my mum also passed away.

Even so I was in total shock when I realised how much weight had gone back on. TBH I would have estimated it at about a stone.

Anyway, back now and 1s 3lb lost since new year so this has got to be the last time for me!
S: 8st13lb C: 9st0lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 23.8 Loss: -0st1lb(-0.8%)
Well done on that 1.5lbs loss!
I lost exactly that same this week and was so happy!

Although its slightly gutting to be having to lose again after reaching target, I refuse to be downbeat about.it and consider it a lesson in life!!

I do hope that you continue to be so successful!

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