How to calculate calories in deep fried foods?

Discussion in 'General Weight Loss Discussion' started by 366to266, 22 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. 366to266

    366to266 Wanna lose 100lb

    If you take something like fish or chicken that is in breadcrumbs or batter, and you deep-fry it, how on earth do you calculate the calories in the fat that has clung to the food after it is taken out of the fat?
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  3. Stackhead

    Stackhead Slow and steady...

    I would probably allocate 2 tablespoons of oils worth to the food if I was cooking it at home (if it was particularly greasy - maybe a little more).

    If it's a resturant menu, then those calories would already include the cooking method.
  4. 366to266

    366to266 Wanna lose 100lb

    OUCH! That is 270 calories (Tesco sunflower oil 2 tbsp). SOOooo not worth it!

    Thanks Stack, I will bake the thing instead. Ouch ouch!


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