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How to calculate syns?

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by aerdna, 30 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. aerdna

    aerdna New Member


    Newbie here! I've got the food optimising plan book (and I'm not online), I was wondering if there was a method of working out how many syns in something if it is not in the book. I used to do weight watchers and they had a calculator - anything like that? Or any tips on how to know!


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  3. gem91

    gem91 Full Member

    Unfortunately they don't have a calculator like weight watchers but there is one on the sw page, if you're a member of a group you get access to this. You can work out the syns of some things (or foods without free foods in them) by this :
    1syn = 20 calories

    For example: a pack of multipack quavers is 88 calories: 4.5 syns
    However some things you can't work out like this because they have a free food allowance so this rule only really helps on crisps snacks etc but hope it helps a bit x
  4. aerdna

    aerdna New Member


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