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How to cope with BBQ during attack

I have a bit of a dilema - me and DH are going to a BBQ tonight, but I haven't told our friends that I'm doing DD. Would it really put a spanner in the works to eat some salad (I'm on day 4 of attack) and then go back to attack tomorrow? I was planning 7-10 days of attack.


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Yes, I did that (and was going to sign up until I saw the cost... ouch!), and was told to do 7 days attack. I just thought I might try for the 10 days in line with the book. But if I eat salad tonight does that mean I need to go straight to PP/PV or back to attack (and add a day?) - it's just that I'm not sure how much meat I'll actually be able to eat tonight (once you take away the burgers & sausages there's not much left!)
eat something before you go then you might not be tempted to eat what you shouldnt have - just have dukan stuff a shame to spoil if for a bit of salad. I went to a BBQ the other week and found it easy just to have chicken legs (dont really like them) and had one burger. Lots of other stuff on offer but was determined not to stray :) Enjoy the BBQ
Thanks, I think I'll try and be strong! :) Plus take a ff yoghurt on the pretext that it's for my toddler :eek:

p.s. was the burger you ate less than 10% fat as I'm sure they won't be homemade tonight!
How well do your friends know you?

If you took some fish (tuna, for eg - lovely on BBQ) to cook would they find that suspicious? I know if we were invited to a BBQ and I took a few tuna steaks for people to try, nobody would be bothered.

Otherwise, do the best you can (fatty meat won't take you out of ketosis but will limit your losses) and just have a tiny amount of green salad (although I'd be tempted to go on to phase II anyway;)).
was the burger you ate less than 10% fat as I'm sure they won't be homemade tonight!
I didnt know what the fat content was & didnt want to ask but that's all there was to eat except for the chicken - I only had one though. I did get strange looks :rolleyes: no bun, no coleslaw but I'm not concerned about

what other ppl think :massmoon: to anyone that doesnt understand - LOL
I often turn up to BBQs taking food along under the guise of "thought I'd contribute a few dishes" because I can't stand cheap burgers and sausages. If you couch it that way, the host thinks you're doing them a big favour...even if the underlying reasons are a wee bit more selfish ;-)

So personally I'd get some chicken breasts cut into strips and marinading or some fish fillets and take them along, so there's enough portions for a few people, as a 'helping out' gesture and then just stick to that food yourself.
Thanks everyone,

I know them well - they're really good friends of ours (hence I know what would be on the menu as it's always the same lol!!) so I took some chicken legs along. Unfortunately they were cooked last & ready an hour after everything else so I'd already succumbed to some salad as my plate would've looked odd otherwise! I'm back on PP and will do 4 days before moving to cruise.

I haven't told any of my friends that I'm doing DD as my last diet failed miserably, and being common knowledge it was quite humiliating. The only person who knows is DH and my work colleague (who wants to join me!).

Good news though - this morning the scales showed another weight loss, which is a total of 5lbs since starting attack on Wednesday :)


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Glad to hear your BBQ dilemma worked out. Please don't do more than five days attack though - for the amount you have to lose, it wouldn't be productive but would cause transit issues!

Good luck!

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