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  1. BIGTsmallt

    BIGTsmallt Full Member

    Hi guys,
    Its my week 9 of tfr, and I had a blip/ break/ binge last night.
    Something really big happened yesterday in my life and I just needed some proper food to celebrate. I missed my evening shake and had 2 meals. 1st meal complete protien,and the second was a mixture of protein and carbs, plus a dessert!
    Any way the real reason I started this thread was your opinions, advice and tips on how to get back on track
    Mentally if I accept defeat by saying it was a mistake, I'll try to look for something to comfort my self, and we know what that is ;),BUT if I accept it as a break, like I have done, a reward for complete 9 weeks of will power, then i feel pretty positive, and as a result have jumped back on the lipotrim wagon immeadiatly!
    Drank loads of water today plus my normal milk shakes. Will hopefully exercise tomorrow so that this weeks losses arent affected too much.
    So dont be shy guys and girls, those of you who are on a good roll, to you I ask the following
    Q1. How best to get back on lipotrim after your break
    Q2. How long was your break, if you had one that is?
    Q3. Was it intentional or not. Was it planned in advance or not?
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  3. danniijade

    danniijade Member

    hey hey,
    I can't give any advice on the getting back on track, so sorry, because i know this is specifically what you asked. Why I wanted to chime in, is because in my opinion you should stop thinking of food as a treat. Im on week 6, havent faultered once and i keep going by rewarding myself with treats that ARENT food. For example, new clothes, new makeup, new perfume, tattoo, piercing, hairstyle, hair dye. Im sure you will get back on track, you've done 9 weeks, thats amazing!!! Just think, yeah, you messed up, but you're a hell of a lot smaller now than you were on day 1, and you're going in the right direction. Good Luck!

    Dannii xxx
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  4. Nic1559

    Nic1559 Full Member

    I agree try not to think of the food as a treat, but the social situation may well be. As for getting back on plan, just have a date in mind and get on with it! I built up to carbs and back down again, either side of my weekend away, but at the end of the day my need to be a healthy weight outstrips my need to eat. I find the more fuss I make about getting back on, the longer it takes me and then I give up. Day two back on and I can feel ketosis will kick in today. Good luck.
  5. leahcnnr

    leahcnnr Silver Member

    I had a break on Friday, I had food an alcohol but with the firm intention to restart on sat which I did. I think it's ok to think of food as a treat its when we are eating "treats" frequently that we get into trouble. Just get back on it and you'll be fine, you may have a gain on the scales but life is full of ups and downs but as long as a bad day doesn't become a bad week you'll be grand.
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  6. BIGTsmallt

    BIGTsmallt Full Member

    thank you, exactly what i thought. i shouldnt make a habit of it, in fact i've done 9 weeks tfr, now another 7 to go! it was a one off as i got caught off guard, so couldnt have a milk shake as i was no where near home, plus i nearly passed out. so i thought ok, got no chioce. yesterday and today ive back back 100%. and hope to carry on untill end of march. my point of my earlier post was that if i thought of it as a mistake, i could have spiralled into a guilt and comfort scenario, therefore falling off the bandwagon completely!
  7. Busy Mum

    Busy Mum Silver Member

    Well done for getting back on LT 100% for the last couple of days. My worry would be that if I did have a break planned or not I might not be able to get back on track after! So I think if you can manage to have a break/blip and then get straight back on it then it's a good thing as in the long run you have shown you are in control of your food intake rather than the other way around. Best wishes BIGTsmallt.

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