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How to dispell chocolate cravings..


will beat the bulge!!
If you've not had anything "bad" (chocolate, biscuits etc) then right now your body will be running out of the bad carbs and sugars it has, which is making you crave the sweet things, much in the way that when someone's nicotine level falls they crave a ciggie.

If you don't give in, then in a couple more days the cravings will subside as you'll have detoxed your system of these bad things and your body won't be craving them to be topped back up anymore :)

Best thing to do in the meantime is get yourself distracted, either with a hobby, reading/posting more on here, go for a walk, go to sleep, read a book......... anything to take your mind off of it!

I find jaffa cakes a great low fat choco fix.

when i need a choco fix i will have 1 or 2 jaffas depending on what i have eat that day with a big cup of tea so that i have the sweet taste and the tea helps me to feel fool up.


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I am dying for something sweet today I have eaten tons of satsumas and an orange but they just don't seem to dispell my want for chocolate,I'm worried my will power will go already and I'm only on day 3 :(
Yep, go for the green and blacks, or the options.

If you really have a choc craving, then you are wasting calories trying to stop it with satsumas and oranges.


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BTW, a little chocolate wont hurt a healthy plan. If you are trying to cut out sugar, then the fruits might be counter-productive.

If you are trying to cut down on refined sugar, then okay...maybe the chocolate isn't such a good idea, but you only need a little of green and blacks, especially if you go for the strong type.

If you think it might be PMT related, try increasing your calcium and vit D in your diet during the month. That helps.


will beat the bulge!!
Thanks guys I'll take that all on board :) I'm not too bad today but yesterday was a bad day lol and I so wanted something sweet I'll keep on going without touching the chocolate I think if I start I wont stop haha which isn't a good plan when on a diet, thank you for the advice on the fruit, I just don't know what to snack on if not on fruit any ideas...?


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Freeze some red grapes. They are really sweet and it's like eating sweets and good if you have a sugar craving. If you are craving chocolate though, it's usually the magnesium you are craving and the dark chocolate is the best thing


will beat the bulge!!
Thanx Taz I'll give that a try :) xx
Starlight, I'm thinking of doing WW actually. I just dont know how to get started lol.
I know I shouldn't really, but I can't afford to pay for the weekly meetings (Im a non-working single mum) so I've been looking for the books on ebay *hides*. It's how my friend lost her weight.
hi I sometimes eat greek yogurt with honey if I crave alot of chocolate, I also sometimes have honey on toast or in porrige, I do often have a jaffa cake or two and also I find that eating grapes keeps the hunger away and drinking water or tea.
Hi Starlight.
My friend recomended the eating out guid, the shopping guide and a sliding points finder. (I'm bidding as we speak lol).
Will the other WW board guys not be nasty to me for not ACTUALLY going to WW? lol

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