How to drink more fluids?


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I'm really really not a fan of water and diluting juices make me sick (something to do with childhood). So I actually barely drink anything through the day. Probably a couple of swigs of fizzy juice out of the bottle and perhaps MAYBE 1 small glass.

What can I drink that's reasonably low in calories but better than diet fizzy juice? Something that tastes nice-ish that I wouldn't mind drinking bucket loads of!

I really only drink if I go into the kitchen, or if I physically carry a class/bottle around with me. So I'm going to get myself a sports bottle to sit at the computer desk and one for the buggy when I'm out and about.
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What about flavoured waters, can you drink them? I personally love ginger beer, and I get Co-Ops own brand 'Low Calorie Ginger Ale' which only has 8 cals in a litre bottle! It didn't have much of a taste at first but boy did it have an afterkick, something I love about ginger beer! :D

I'm the same as you apart from I do drink water, but I only drink it when I have a bottle handy or will make a cuppa if I go to the kitchen. I definitely don't drink enough but would like to also.


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There is a low calorie cream soda too. I used to love it, dont really drink carbonated drinks any more. I understand almost every drink now does a diet version (coke zero, pepsi max, sprite zero) could you not just drink these instead?


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Could you try putting a slice of lemon in a glass of water? I'm not a huge fan of water but I quite like it with ice and a slice lol


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I was exactly the same, hated water and felt like I was drowning when I had to drink it alone. Funny how quickly I could get through 750 mls of wine tho!!! I now fill a 2 litre bottle every morning with water and aim to get through it each day, you will be surprised how you get into a routine drinking more. Try just having a swig each time you go into the kitchen or adding it to a sugar free cordial, good luck


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I've been drinking Asda no added sugar lemon squash which is 1 cal per 100ml so I reckoned it would be ok, makes water tastier and I top up a 700ml bottle 3 times a day to make sure I'm getting enough.