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How to get back on plan after blow out

Last thursday i had my daughters hamster put to sleep and i was upset (im never taking another one to be pts) and missed brekkie and lunch, went shopping hungry bought bad things(and good) but ate all the bad thursday and friday, got back on plan but hurt my back on saturday so no exercise all last week still managed to lose half a lb tho. this week bought bad things again as daughters 5th birthday yesterday. had chinese thursday backs a bit better so can do some exercise but i keep putting things in my mouth that i shouldnt be eating. i have been fine for ten weeks but as ive been lax im just carrying on not thinking about it how can i get my head back on plan?
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You have done amazingly well so far!!20lbs in 2 months!!WOW!!!
You do not want to mess up as summer is a coming!!
Get rid of all temptation and nibble on fruit and veggies!!
You have been so strong willed so far,so just tell yourself how good you are and clean start tomorrow!!
You know you can do it!!
Look at all the clothes that you are getting back into!!
Come on girl!!!!!!!:)))))))
Nibble 5 satsumas and a cup of tea and LOVE yourself.Tell yourself that you are WORTH the effort and that it does matter.We all have blips,and you are not going to go down the rocky road of ruin after one birthday party!!!
I have my son's 13th birthday tomorrow.I managed to bake 2 cakes today without licking the bowl!!!!!!
Wish me luck tomorrow!!!
And keep doing well.You owe it to yourself.
CHUCK OUT THE REMNANTS..............you are NOT a rubbish bin!!!
Carrie XX
Wow you have cheered me up :Dand my god you didnt lick the bowl? Well done i'm soo impressed! I made a betty crocker devils food cake and i licked the bowl i kept trying to tell myself its got raw eggs and 150ml of oil in it but i still licked it! I did cut a slice today had a bite then remembered so didnt eat it i have put a pork pie in my mouth then spat it out so i am remembering but i never used to forget!!! i do love slimming world tho.
It's hard for parents since they sort of have to have "bad food" in the house for the kiddies, but as a single bloke if I have a bad week and buy loads of stuff I shouldn't, once I've decided to get on with it I throw out all the "bad food".. not in the house then you can't eat it..

saying that, I haven't been "in the game" realy since christmas.. I gave myself 2 days off for the festivities and it reminded me of how nice the food that the old me used to eat was....
You have to make a concious decision and then do stuff to help you stick to it like putting notes on the fridge or biscuit tin etc..
I used to hang a pair of size ten knicker's in the choc cupboard to remind me i used to fit in them before giving up smoking but i think it just made me eat more good news tho, i no longer have a choc cupboard i now have a slimming world cupboard filled with passata herbs (ones that dont fit in my spice rack) fry lite wine vinegars and stock cubes i stopped buying kids chocs as they dont need it and they get pocket money so if they want it they can buy it themselvs


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I can't have bad stuff in the house, even for my daughter. If she wants a bag of crisps or a bar of choc then she goes around the shop and gets them. No multipacks in the house, couldn't cope! If I go nosing through the cupboards, there's not really anything that's bad for me in there and if I am tempted by anything then I think immediately about my goals and what I want to achieve and that keeps me on track.
Love the knickers in the choc cupboard!!
You will be fine!!!:)))I am also amazed that I did not lick the bowl.I made a lemon luscious cake and a chocolate marble cake,iced them both and not a taste!!!Blinking remarkable for me,as my worst habbit is nibbling and not eating.
I love slimming world as it encourages such healthy eating.
Got 16 over for tea tomorrow and will make a big buffet table.Will put on cherry toms,picled cucumbers,carrots and syn free dips for the dieters and the kids can eat all the bagels,and cakes etc.If I get through the day I will be a saint!!Then I told my eldest daughter that on Monday she has to take all the leftover stuff to work for the staff in her office!!!
Anyway................hope you feel supported and cheered and get out of the kitchen!
Carrie x
Then I told my eldest daughter that on Monday she has to take all the leftover stuff to work for the staff in her office!!!
AHAAAA!!!! so it's you is it that keeps sabotaging the dieters at her work place... ? :)

I know it's a nice thing you think you are doing, but think how you would feel if she brought home half a box of pastries and chocolate biscuits as "leftovers" from a meeting at work...
what everyone else said really ! =] ive had a huge pig out past two days really felt bad and still do really but am starting again today as a new day , good luck to you , you can do it! xxxx
I have loads of "bad" things in, but I dont consider any foods to be bad, as thats what syns are for to enable you to have a cake/bag of crisps/choc bar. We still have tins of chocs (unopened) 3 selection boxes, 2 boxes biccies all left over from Xmas. I just ignore them, I never have more than 2 syns daily sun-thurs, fri & sat I have a few voddies.

Write down why you want to be slimmer, your goals dreams and aspirations - do you have a dress you want to fit into, get it out and look at it, or look online in a shop and mentally go shopping picking out the figure hugging clothes you will soon be able to wear, keep smiling you will get there :)
i had a blow out yesterday! back to it today! i hope! these blow outs keep happening, i need to get my mojo back!! was doing so well but like you have a 2 year old who has treats and oh who lives on crap!!! lost 18lb in 11 weeks but need to keep going, got another 3 stone i want to loose for sep!!! how do i get back to that enthusiastic excited about the diet state??xx
I know how you're feeling! I had a big blow out over a couple of days last week since I knew that I wouldn't be able to follow the plan totally over the weekend since we'd be away and going for a curry and pub meals with friends.

A big blowout last Wednesday made me feel really bad about myself and I knew from past experience that I'd continue that way if I wasn't careful. Instead I came on here and wrote on my diary and got lots of encouragement and advice (just like you're doing now). i was inspired enough to get back on plan Thursday and Friday before flexi-synning the weekend. I ended up with a STS week which was amazing considering what I'd been eating and I know that it was those 2 days on plan that made the difference.

You've done the hard part - you've admitted your blow out (I'm sure I'm not the only one who's had a blow out in the past and kept it hidden from everyone including my hubby). Now it's time to draw a line under it and carry on from now - in a couple of weeks time this blip will be a distant memory.

Good luck - you know you can do it as you've done really well already. Stick with it and imagine how fab you'll look and feel in the summer.
I'm so sorry for the following remarks but I just can't help myself anymore....

Last thursday i had my daughters hamster put to sleep....
blimey, did the supermarket run out of chickens? did it taste good? :( :eek:

I have a very twisted sense of humour..
A guy I worked with had to take his cat to the vets because it had broken it's back leg and they had to amputate it..
I gave him a lift home to pick it up as I lived nearby him and suggested that he took a chicken thigh back home with him and tell his missus that they gave him the spare parts back and that it tasted just like chicken when cooked.. :)
he did and she didn't find it very funny but we did at work..

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