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How to get the excitement back?

I have been off plan for a couple of weeks and have tried a couple of times to get back on but my heart just isn't in it. I go on honeymoon in 16 weeks and really want to lose alot more weight for then.
I am trying again today but feel like I'm wasting money if I quit again in 2 days.... So how do you get the excitement back, the buzz from when you first find CD? It kept me going for 7 weeks and I need it back!!xx
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Hmmmm me too

I got ill end of November and since then I just keep restarting and stopping for a few days, then restarting.

I think I've just got to the point where there's only so many times I can keep messing around. I look at what I've lost before November and what I've lost since and it just reenforces why I'm doing this.

This is my last chance. This is my last chance in any diet. If I don't succeed now I never will

That keeps my enthusiasm up

Also the fact it's summer soon and I want to be beach hot!

You have to go back to basics. You can't just pick up where you left off because the original motivators have faded / no longer apply (you don't feel as down on yourself, as big, etc).

So sit down with the pen and paper and start writing. Look at Believe You Can, Believe You Can't, Either Way You'll Be Right for some ideas; he gives some really good exercises to do to get you motivated again. Set yourself some short term goals...e.g a pair of trousers that are a size too small or something like that. Goals like get healthy, getting slim, losing 3 stone etc are too abstract to help motivate on a day to day basis so you really need something more concrete and attainable.
Thank you ladies, I think I need to stop making excuses and get on with it but (always a but!!) I think it's going to take a big kick to get me going again!xx
Yeah... accountability is the hard part .. accepting the harsh truth that we jump off the wagon rather than fall, that eating doesn't just happen to us.

But I also think that's the lesson which, if learnt, will help us live slim in the long term.
I personally feel excitement is over rated, nice when its there but its a fickle companion...if feeling a buzz is what keeps you going , then when its gone as it will do since its just an emotion, then out goes your motion.

Hozabouts a combination of things, support, structure, structure, daily check ins..erm did I mention structure?..phone calls texts, support groups ( I go to WW)..making time to do all this, looking at your priorities -all boring stuff-and what can be shifted around and honesty..is this the right time..seriously?

I don't think anyone really needs kicking though it might seem that way. The things you call excuses might be hiding some really important information...that you need to pay attention to first.

Its one thing to give up or to stop, its another thing to pause and take stock of the situation...and put the right support structure in place, or do some more prep.

Oh yes and get enough sleep, cos tiredness has de-railed me more times than I care to mention .

My personal feeling is that a small dose of a daily diarying or blogging/moaning/ranting and watching those pesky feelings and stuff that arises is worth more than that flighty excitment high. I know cos every 2 or 3 days i am grumpy about something!:mad:..but writing it out helps a lot.For instance at the moment I am grumpy about the cost of the ww pedometer I bought that no one forced me to buy, but a small thing like that in the past and I am in dunkin donuts and I don't even like the stuff.

Anyhows take heart, you can do this, just as GG says, return to your basics and check your timing.
Bella has put it beautifully! Well written Bella

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