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How to keep a social life????

Hi there,

I'm starting CD again for the 3rd time, each time I've tried, I gave up after 2 weeks due to Xmas and holidays.

This time round, I'm determined to stick to it, but I need advice on how to keep my social life!!!

My friends aren't really 'belivers' in this diet, so when I say I can only drink fizzy water on a night out, they tend to pull a face!

Alot of the socialising we tend to do is centered around boozy nights in bars or going out for a meal. I guess I need advice on how to get through a meal without giving in and straying from my water!!

Any suggestions?

Em x
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Sorry Em I cancelled everything except birthdays for 20 weeks! I found it imposs to socialise and drink water...I was so miserable! However, it was worth it in the end...hope you find a way to cope! good luck!
hun i think u just have to tell friends what ur doing and stick to water or try staying in a couple of wks at start and see how u go after that im going into wk 6 now and this wk was the first time i went to town drinking (water) and it was fine had a great time xx
Hi Em

My friends are not supportive at all .. I went out on saturday and ended up drinking .. I alternated them tho, one drink and one water.

I have 2 birthdays coming up. One next weds and luckily one right at the end of may so I will have at least 4 weeks inbetween.
Both meals .. one chinese and one Italian. I will have them as none of my friends know I am doing the diet and I can't possibly start making excuses! I am determined to get back on track the morning after.

Good luck hunni!

With your BMI you wont be on SS because I read that you have to have to be 1 stone above 25 BMI before they will let you start on the SS plan. So you'll be allowed a small meal, if you are going out just stick to high protein low carb meals so that shouldnt be to much of an issue. Stearing clear of the booze on the other hand may require more will power :)

It wont take you long to get to your goal, it will be worth the sacrifice :)
mmm well ive only been out a handful of times in the past 11 weeks and cant really say i have enjoyed these nights 100%...

i am not a heavy drinker but do enjoy a couple to get me in the 'zone' lol!!!!

i went out for a bday meal this sat and felt extremely uncomfortable eating in front of my friends (who dont really agree with CD). I felt like i was being monitored like a recovering anorexic!
Dont think id go out for another meal while on CD...

the nights ive been out to bars/pubs have also been uncomfortable as everyone else is drunk and you feel like a black sheep... cant really relax or have a decent conversation. would prefer to be tucked up in bed ha ha ha.

i have been very lucky that major social events have been few and far between these past 11 weeks. Mothers day and mums bday, easter, friends bday... Now got a wedding on May 3rd so this will be an evening off.

so i would say having a fab social life is hard, but if you can cope with being the only sober one then its fine!

or you can have people round to yours for food/ drinks. easier to feel comfortable in your own home.

good luck xxx
Hun, I know where you are coming from. Being irish, the pub is a big part of our life and before I started CD I was a huge drinker. I wouldn't have dreamt of gong out without having drinks well into the double figures!!! My poor liver! Anyway, I still go out every weekend and I stick to the sparkling water, this was harder for me than the food part of the diet. I have told my mates that I won't join them for dinners out but I'll meet them for drinks afterwards. I have explained that this is only a minor blip in my socialising and that in a few months i will be back in the swing of things. People will have birthdays next year etc


is gonna do it!!
That is the hardest part of this diet, the sociallising problem. I too, love going out and getting more then merry, and have done on this diet. I usually drink on the saturday night and eat on the sunday, the weeks that I have done this, i only lost 2 pounds. Won't be doing it again now till May 10th as it's my birthday.
I feel that, yes, i want to lose weight, but i don't want it to overtake everything else in my life either!!
Each to their own!!
It does sound like I'll be clearing my diary for a little while then! Maybe if I become a bit of a hermit, when I emerge as a beautiful new me all the boys will be fighting to buy me a drink! Fingers crossed hey!

Thanks for all your advice guys, it really does make a difference knowing other people are going throught the same experiences, wish I'd found this site the first time round!

Em xx

P.S how do I get a picture up on my profile?
If you mean as your avatar I think you have to make 50 posts before you can have one.. I am waiting too.. lets get spamming hehe


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If you mean as your avatar I think you have to make 50 posts before you can have one.. I am waiting too.. lets get spamming hehe

you just need 20 :D
but it takes an hour or so to update :D

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