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How to keep focused on CD SS?

Hi Khazarji well done for getting to day 2! If have managed to get through Day 1 and now are on Day 2 that proves you can repeat the same for Day 2. You have exerted will power, strength, focus call it what you like. My suggestion is to take each day at a time or even a few hours at a time, perhaps every 3- to 4 hours and make them like mini goals in your mind. Also keep yourself as busy as you can and keep reading and/or posting on Minimins it will really help you still to CD.
Hi. Congrats on getting to Day 2. Just take it a day at a time. Stick to the diet and the weight will fall off. Don't set your goals too high either, you will get demotivated if you don't hit them. 40kg is about 6.5st which is alot of weight to lose in 3 months. They say on SS you lose an average of a stone a month, but you may lose more. Why not set yourself a target of 4st in 3 months, that's about 25kgs. Stick to the diet 100% and who knows you may lose slightly more than 3/4 stone.
I have heard of 6st losses in 4 months, not 3. To lose 6 st in 3 months you would need to lose half a stone every week and as much as that would be brilliant it is too much work for your body. I have just over 6st to lose, just under 40kgs, and am giving myself 5 months seeing as my losses are of about 4/5lbs a week.
Dont aim too high or if you dont reach it you may well give up which is no good. Good luck! x

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I am sure some have done it, but realistically it might be a goal to high. Having said that some people like to aim high and even if they don't get there they still have achieved a lot. Just make sure you don't get demotivated.


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Good luck on your journey and DR is spot on, remember your indivdual and unique so you take your journey at your pace, as long as you stick with it you will loose the weight.

Have a good day :D
My first CDC managed to lose 6st in 14 weeks but that is really unusual to honest hun. Think Mike (Icemoose) did something similar but again it's not the norm.
Good luck with your CD journey and congrats on getting this far, this forum is full of really lovely helpful people so if you ever feel like you're about to fall off the wagon you know where we are.;)

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