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How to keep motivate when you have a LOT to lose

S: 17st11lb C: 16st11lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 1st0lb(5.62%)
Up until now I have kept fairly positive, this will take as long as it takes - every lb off is a lb in the right direction/
But I feel so down tonight. WI was today and I gained .5lb. Now I know this is a small amount and I know I deserve the gain. I was a bad girl and had a big feed of wine on Saturday night in response to a family crisis.
The rest of the week I was SO on plan and have really, dramatically upped my exercise.

Sometimes it just feels like a very very long journey.
How do you keep motivated??? :sigh:
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I had 106lbs to lose :,( I was 17st 4lb on march 1st it took me 5 months to lose 3 stone 100% and then I had a new mirena coil in and since then I've had 10 no count days in 4 months and had 3-4 gains the no count days weren't bad I didn't eat badly.
I had 3 gains 2.5 2.5 3 when I was 100% and I have Bern really fed up BUT I am 4 sizes smaller nearly 4 stones lighter much fitter I go to 4 zumba classes a week in feb I hardly left the house.

Motivation comes from knowing I can easily get really big and how depressed I was. If I stopped my life style now id be 17-18 stone by Valentines when I could be a stone lighter.

Think on long term for goals Christmas was my 5 stone goal I'm not going to get 5 stone as 4 months have been pants but if I can squeeze inti the 12 stones I'll be really happy and am aiming at goal Christmas 2011

Just look at how well you do and any gains it's part of teaching ourselves a whole new way of living xx


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The main thing to do, well that i did, is write down all the reasons i wanted to lose weight and why i had too! keep them on you all the time in bag/purse etc and everytime you feel down just look at it and you will be reminded of all the reasons, also keep old pictures of yourself and when you start looking back as time goes by you'll see the difference and it will all be worth while, it's taken me 14months to lose 5stone and at the time i was really down and letting it get to me, as everyone was losing quicker and i just wanted the weight off pronto! but then i thought this is a life changing process, so what if it takes a year or maybe two at the end of the day it's going to benefit my whole life forever so it's worth it! :)

also finally, buy an outfit a size or two smaller than now, and keep looking at it when your down, it will give you boost to get into it! .... as you won't want to of wasted the money buying it ;) hehe also take piccies of the outfit and keep that with you when your out and shopping ... wanting to pick up those extra treats or different bits and bobs look at your list of reasons and photo :) keep chin up! .5 is nothing be off by now most likely :D xxx
I get a bit down when I know I have to lose the weight and then see my hubby lose so so so much more then me (I know he's a man)

Its hard when you want it all gone today but know its going to take a long time to happen, yes its easier to put weight on then lose it, but I bet we didn't all put it on in a day either..

What motivates me are lots of different things-
- Knowing I can now comfortably get into some shop size 14 jeans
- Knowing that when I see someone bigger then what I used to be, that could have been me if I didn't lose the weight.
- Knowing by doing this I'm also helping my hubby who was 1 doctors appointment away from going on insulin, but is now far away from that
- Also knowing that if/when I have kids I (hopefully) won't be teaching them my bad eating habits.

The one last thing that helps motivate me is coming on this site, as the people here are so supportive, it doesn't matter if you have had a small gain or lost several lbs one week, there very nice to you about it.

Certainly helps me, cause I have a friend who can not gain weight very easily (like it took him 3 months to gain 2lbs) and when someone like that keeps saying you need to lose weight your fat, its not nice, but the people here are not like that.

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