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How to liven up a SW quiche?


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Hi all!

I'm looking for ideas about how to liven up the SW quiche. I've just made one with a pasta and sauce for the first time (not impressed!) but it just tastes really bland and boring, despite me adding lots of pepper and some salt. Any ideas to make it taste more exciting? This particular one has leek, red pepper, red onion, cottage cheese with chives and eggs, with a mild cheese and broccoli pasta n sauce (which I probably won't bother with in future).

Any ideas would be gratefully received :)

Sian xx

P.S. I can't eat chilli or anything spicy! :eek:
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i do a sw hun and it lovely , i use:


i fry my mushroom and onion and mix with a drained tin of tuna. i beat 6 eggs together and mix in with the other ingredients, i then sprinkle some cheese in with it.
i put it all in a little round tin and add more cheese on top , put in oven for 30 mins
absolutely gorgeous hun


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My SW consultant does hers by mixing cooked pasta and sauce and batchelors golden savoury rice (cooked) together, use this to line the base of flan dish, then she covers this with a layer of Princes or
Darcy Ratatouile, then pours the 3 egg and cottage cheese mix on top, it tastes really nice and moist.
xxx Looby
i have never made it with pasta n sauce or rice, however will give one a try with quark instead of cottage cheese and see what its like.....


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Thank you all for the responses! I'll be trying the ideas out soon :D xx

Ali* - whereabouts in Pembrokeshire did you go? xx
I went home to Whitland and stayed with my Mam - it was great to see all the family! :grouphugg:

Went to Tenby on Saturday to see my brother's family - no time for the beach though :(

Just had a lovely chillin' time ... just the place to do it!
i dont use cottage cheese when i make my quiche.. i just use eggs and a splash of milk..

i use bacon and tuna with mushrooms and onions.. its gorgeous.. i added mixed herbs to the egg mixture and a touch of chilli flakes for a bit of kick.. it really is nice..
Thanks for all the ideas - Im making one for the sw class tomorrow as we are having a bbq for the royal wedding! :) xo
Thanx for the ideas folks, i just made the one with pasta n sauce wasnt impressed at all, it would probably have been better hot. Cold it was very rubbery even though it tasted ok
I make a variety of quiches, but the basis is the same - line quiche bowl with ham/pastrami, fry onions, and peppers, to soften, add bacon, or syn free sausage chunks and brown, throw on top of pastrami, throw in raw mushrooms, coat in egg/blended cottage cheese mix, sprinkle extra mature cheddar (hexa) over the top and slice some tomatoes over too.

Sometimes needs a little "draining" afterwards depending on how much water content in the ham, but is ALWAYS good stuff.

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