How to look good naked!

Just to let you know I have emailed them! :eek: Obviously not with photos yet but I thought I'd see if the Wemitts were the sort of group they maybe after.
I'm game anyone else?

Kamilla x
Well what can I say, I'd just have to be part of anything the WeMitts did, and I DO have "issues" about my naked body. I don't like seeing it any more now than I did when I was 10 stone heavier!
A VERY tentative "yes" from me.
Ann xxx
Wow!!! I'm impressed - it looks well interesting but I'm not ready for something like this I know that much! ;)

Oh D-Q your just the confident sort that would be fab on this show! If I can you can!

Ann....I'll see how many more people are up for it then will fill out the application form they have just sent me! :eek:

Lovely talking to you earlier...thnkas.

Kamilla x
A resounding YES from me - it's a brill programme, fab to see solutions other than surgery being offered to peeps and I most definitely need all the help I can get with this saggy, baggy, BagPuss body of mine!!


Up the WeMITTS
I think we'd need at least 6-10 of us to be considered a 'group' so far

(D-Q......go on you know you want to really!)

Wheres Debbie??? Ann is she at Uni now?
Oh puuuullllllllease, there's hardly any nudity - it's all very tasteful - anyway, you lot can all shelter behind my wrinkly elephant skin backside - you'll never be seen:D ;) :D :eek:
(D-Q......go on you know you want to really!) ;)

Nah it'll be my very large behind that you all hide behind!!! :eek: are we all mad!!! YES we are!

Will fill in application form tomorrow. Those interested please PM your email address to me so I can email you for any info I need.

:eek: :eek: I'm scared but what a laugh!!!!
Still in two minds here - will chat to DH and see what he says. You have to remember I've still got a LONG way to go on my journey! :eek: