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How to maintain weight after reaching target


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Hi All.
Question, how do you maintain your weight when you reach your target?
Since I started SW I have lost weight every week! so how do I stop?
Do I have a day where I eat say chip shop fish & chips?
Any ideas from people who have successfully maintained please!
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Im tryin to maintain at the moment n wot u do is have xtra hea n heb, if ur used to having one each on ee then try having 2 heas n if tht dont work try having 2 heb n if tht dont work try having both, it takes couple of weeks to work out wots best for u. Xx


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I've been maintaining for just over 2 months, and I tend to stick to plan, which is mainly red days for me, Monday to Thursday, and then be more lenient with myself over the weekend.
It seems to be working for me, but not everyone is the same:confused:
Its not workin for me, first week i panicked cos i felt i was eating to much n now im just grateful im stayin within the 3lb bracket but this wk ive done a green week cos wanted to loss 1.5 to get bk to target n ive gained :( just cant figure it out xx
It's easier than you think! My weight coming off started to even itself out, when you get to target you prob don't have too much more fat to lose - if you just stick to your free foods and syns then it is so easy to keep it off! I got to my target last Jan and have stayed within a lb or 2 ever since, just by eating healthily!


Really likes to cook
I usually do Ee and I always have super food/super speed veg and also a salad with all main meals.
Have maintaned for 1 year now by increasing my HEB. If I gain at weigh in I am careful the following week and if I loose I have a treat. Its playing by ear, no hard and fast rules. Good luck.
What im worried about is if i lose more weight, ive gone from a size 18 to a 6/8 in 3 months n im happy here but i get so much hassle from everyone saying im to thin but u can lol if u want but i dont see wot everyone else sees but i no tht 6/8 is small so thts y i dont wana loss more. Do any of u get hassle like this ? Xx
I would try to stick to plan as much as possible but I would maybe have some extra milk because I'm a teacher and we have about 5 coffees a day lol! I don't necessarily have 1/3 superfree either, just stick to free! Superfree is good for loosing weight but I don't need to loose anymore so free is good for me :)


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Yes get hassle Linzi I dropped my weight and three dress sizes rapidly so people keep going on. Its usually very overweight friends or acquaintances. I keep saying I am heavier now still by half a stone than what I was for over 20 years before weight gain. But people still say I'm too thin.
I am small in height so I think it gets noticed.

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