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How to make your chips be like chips?

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Sorry if the title is a bit confusing!

I've followed the recipe on the SW site to make homemade chips but they always come out a bit soggy.

Any ideas how to make them like 'real' chips?

I parboil first, dry them off, give them a shake and then frylight them, a grind of salt and in the oven.

I'm getting fed up with them coming out so rubbish. Almost tempted to go back to high syn oven chips, just to get my bit of crunch.

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you are perhaps parboiling them for too long, you only need to really blanche them in the water for a couple of minutes and it does sound like your oven is not hot enough. I have never experienced soggy chips.

make sure your oven is at least 200c or 400f.

drain potatoes fully.

spray tray with frylight, add chips, sprinkle with some salt and spray over the top.

then bake in the oven, turning over through cooking time to make sure they are evenly golden and crispy.


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I have just had chips for lunch. All crispy and chip like.

How i make mine.

I DO NOT peel mine, just cut potato in to chips. Par boil for just a few minutes, drain and then put callander over the pan ( with a little water in the bottom and steam dry)
I have my oven at 200c and have the tray heating up in the oven while the potatoes are par boiling.
Spray the tray put chips on and spray the chips, with a sprinkle of salt. cook for about 30 mins, lovely and crispy :)


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I don't par boil mine and the secret is a really hot oven otherwise they just 'steam'
I haven't par-boiled my last couple of batches but when I did I think the secret is to leave them to dry completely before cooking. The first couple of times I made them, I cooked (on high heat) as soon as I'd towel dried them. I still enjoyed them but they were a bit soft/soggy. I then left them for 1/2hr or so before cooking and they were lovely & crispu. My daughter then said she never par boils - I haven't since as they're just as nice.


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I do mine with or without skins. When I peel I don't peel in water.

heat oven to about 180 - 200 c - put oven tray in to heat too.

I do not parboil - put chips into a dish and spray a few times with frylight - turning them over with a spoon.

Spray the oven tray a few times and then throw the chips onto the tray - sprinkle with whatever seasoning you want on them or leave plain - into oven and leave to crisp up.

come out really good each time - I don['t know whether though it;s because I have a fan assisted oven? so it's an even temperature?
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Thanks for the relies! Just confused now as to what temp to use as some of you say hot as it goes and some say 200!

I'll have a go this week with not par boiling and see how that goes. Thanks! :).


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Hi Josie,

I parboil mine but leave them in much longer than they suggest on the website. Usually about 40-50 mins until they are golden brown and lovely and crispy. I have the oven pretty high too.

How did you get on this week ?

Gail x


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Probably not much help, but I use my actifry. No mucking about at all. Well worth the investment as there is so much more to use it for than just chips.

Had it nearly 2 yrs & regularly use it a few times a week for all sorts...saves so much time!


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The salt is the key to the crispiness.... i always use baking potatoes, 5 mins in microwave, chop up, spray with fry light and sprinkle salt and put in on highest temp for about 30 mins turning half way through, also not too much fry light as that will make them go soggy

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