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How to overcome temptation

Hi everyone
Just wondering how everyone manages to avoid temptation when it's in front of you!
I'm a midwife and at work everyone is very kind (well sort of) and buy cakes chocolate crisps an lots of other bad foods for us to snack on which half way through a night shift I find terribly appealing!
Or my darling OH buys chocolate Easter biscuits and crusty White bread "because I've done so week through the week I deserve a treat".
I find temptation so hard to not give in to! Any tips?!

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I think those words should be stuck on my cupboards!!! :)
Take things into work with you that are nice treats like strawberries or clemetines or syn a bag of french fries or something.

Buy fresh bread that still hits the spot but is more controlled. I buy the pre sliced but fresh small sized tiger loaf from the bakery in the supermarket and weigh and syn it. They are small slices but have a bit of fresh bread if you really like it.
sponge fingers in the homebaking ailse, I use as buscuits- each finger is 1 syn!
O I like the sponge fingers idea!!!

I could weigh the tiger bread but I find it hard to stop once I start!!! So I'm trying to avoid it altogether!

Chocolate was another big one until the new deluxe hifi came out.!!

Thanks :) x
I have a 9 sins for the whole cake reciepe which I can post for u later, it's a cake with quark and fruit with no butter added and it's yum

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Yes that cake sound rather yummy please post the recipe!! X
I'm seriously considering getting "Do you need to eat that?" tatoo'd on the side of my hand ( along the side of the forefinger to where they thumb starts ) so that I see it every time I eat something..
I just try to remember that there will always be opportunities for me to eat that cake/biscuit/chocolate bar in the future so I don't need to eat it right that second. When I'm in the zone I find it quite easy to say 'no thankyou' when offered something tempting...but unfortunately I'm not always in the zone :(

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Ok 9 syns for the whole cake reciepe
You need the following -
For cake batter-
6 eggs
2oz sifted self raising flour ( or 1oz flour and 1oz cocoa powder for a chocolate cake)
12-15 tablespoons of granulated sweetener ( it's up to you on the sweetness I use 14)
2 tsp of orange or vanilla essence ( again a choice so you can make different ones)
To decorate- or fill
2 tubs of quark or 150g of 0% Greek yogurt
Strawberries/satsuma segments/raspberries
2 tsp of vanilla essence or orange
7 tablespoons sweetener

Separate the eggs. Whisk up egg whites until stiff, when egg whites are stiff continue to whisk adding 1 egg yolk and a couple of tablespoons of sweetener at a time. After all well combined and fluffy stop whisking and gently sift in the flour and carefully fold in the mixture tablespoon at a time .
Grease and line a Swiss roll tin ( I spray with frylight then line with parchment paper-my tin measures 30cm x19cm) & bake in the oven at 180 deg for about 10-12 mins until golden & firm to the touch.
Take out of the oven and remove from tin leave to cool, when cool cut in half.
Mix the quark with the essence and sweetener and spread 3/4 in the bottom layer of cake, slice the fruit & put on top of that, put the cake lid on & use the rest to top with some fruit!

Hope u like it, it's really nice xx

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